Bring back stuns. We need them as mobility counters

I’m aware the main argument is “Stuns effected tanks/immobile heroes more than mobile heros!”. I’m simply not willing to believe that when you consider how powerful highly mobile heroes were as soon as stuns were scaled back. Are we going to pretend that was a coincidence?

Yes, stuns are annoying, but the simple fact is that its bad design to give mobility to SOME heroes, and then remove counters to mobility. Every time you complain about Genji, for example, remember that they deleted a lot of his counters. The simple fact is that we need hard stuns, not piddly slows in Mei’s case, to keep high mobility heroes in line. I don’t know how you guys are satisfied with flankers running up and running away for free. Saying “Uh, just shoot the highly mobile heroes made to avoid your shots!” is pure lunacy.

Yes, I’m asking for flashbang back. Yes, I’m asking for Brig stun back. But I’m ALSO asking for some sort of stun resistance for heroes if they get stunned too often. Like, if you’re stunned twice in a row, the stun is dramatically less effective. Stunned three times in a row and the stun was basically useless.

This is simple, effective, it would incentivize saving stunned targets, but it keeps stuns available to stop key targets. Isn’t that better than the giant indirect buff mobility heroes got for Overwatch 2?


I also want stuns back, as a Genji player.


One of my good friends always said “CC is a necessary evil”



  1. Tone down snipers
  2. Tone down ball a bit
  3. Nerf Flankers/Dive Tanks more if needed

…What does any of this do with the inherent problem that comes with less stuns, which is flankers being even stronger?

I think the reason it was necessary to begin with should be looked at instead of trying to put a band aid over it again by adding stuns.


This statement is all we need as an argument against bringing stuns back. Having the control of your character taken away just isn’t fun.

Even as an Ana main I wouldn’t be mad if sleep dart got replaced, considering it’s pretty much the last CC left in the game.


Keep these things as far away from the game as possible thank you


Basically I figure it’s better to nerf the problem directly, than to increase specialized countermeasures against them.
i.e. Instead of adding LaunchBrig to the game, just nerf Tracer.

I prefer to go for minimal negative side-effects. i.e. Scalpel method vs Chainsaw method
(i.e. It’s way simpler to remove a bullet from an arm, by chopping the arm off. Simple isn’t necessarily good.)

That said, Ball specifically needs to be a bit strong right now, to deal with excessively strong snipers. So de-escalate both of those.

And then beyond nerfing ball, nerf whatever mobility heroes directly, as needed.

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It is though. Counters typically are a necessary evil when you think about it.

I think the solution of “do this one thing” is better than “Do this, then do this, then do this, and be prepared to possibly do a fourth thing after”.

Not really. Its simple design. “Lets have hyper fast heroes in this game. Now lets have something to keep hyper fast heroes in line.” It really is simple logic that blizzard seems to have forgotten.

No. No, its not. Nope. Something being “annoying” is no excuse to just remove it. Especially when that thing is important to the game design. You do realize your mindset is why Overwatch has never been more hated than it is right now?

Hey, its your funeral. I think the proof is in the pudding when it comes to us needing stuns for basic game health.


Just click cod me mate, it’s the next icon that’s the game you want to play, wait there’s snipers there omg let me go find a fps without sniper for you.

You act like having Widow at 150hp would somehow violate the concept of a sniper in a videogame.


I wouldn’t mind having it replace with an ability that let me be a threat to flankers. The problem is she loses all her defense ability with dealing with dive tanks and a charging reinhardt. Sleepdart is her best ability to keep tanks in check.

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I think i have agreed to the horrible hp nerfs already though i firmly believe it won’t change anything just promote pocketing.

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No idea why i quot d u unbreakable mobile mozilla is wonky

It’s not an excuse, it’s a good reason. By the same logic, because you subjectively find mobility annoying, why not argue for removing mobility?

Besides, while stuns might be able to counteract some mobility, acting somewhat as a counterplay to mobile heroes, you’re forgetting that they are even more powerful against heroes that aren’t mobile, because those are way easier to hit with the stun, and way easier punished than a mobile heroes that can just use their mobility to avoid that stun.

That’s quite a bold statement. I’d advise against using your subjective opinions as if they’re objective facts. There are plenty things wrong with this game, but the absence of stuns has been pretty widely regarded as one of the positives.

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Well, when a Widow can be 2xBodyshot by an Ana, or 1xHeadshot by a Mei. It kinda changes where a Widow can be positioned.

Also makes Flankers and DiveTanks proportionally more effective against them.

Heck, even an Ashe could be a very scary thing to go up against.
Within certain ranges, that’s a one-shot headshot. But on a weapon with far easier handling and rate of fire compared to Widow.

Kinda opens up a whole range of extra counterplay options against a Widow.

I’d flat out quit if they brought back flashbang tbh


What proof exactly? Stuns are a crutch not a requirement


Wait, what? This sentence only furthers my point. I don’t ask for removing mobility because mobility is important to the game. Mobile heroes can harass snipers, important targets like most supports, and even keep tanks busy due to rapidly moving out of tank range. If we remove mobility, we’d then have to remove snipers, change how several heroes work, and generally make the game worse.

Does that sound familiar? It should because that’s what happened when we removed stuns.

No I’m not. I provided a solution to that. If you stun ball once, you’d better kill him now because the next stun will be less effective. If you have to stun him twice, you REALLY ought to kill him because the third stun will be even less effective against him. While this sort of passive will be for every hero, Tanks will get the most use out of it due to their health, and high mobility heroes will get the least use out of it due to inherent game design.

Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind. Now excuse my while I read endless posts of people complaining about issues that literally only exist due to the mindset of “If its annoying, remove it”.

Ah, I’ll start with “Lmao, remove a tank! remove a shield because shooting at double shields is annoying!!” which lead into “Huh? Snipers are suddenly incredibly strong!? Who would have thought removing a shield AND an hero that could rapidly dive them would have been an indirect buff to snipers!”. Seems like a fun place to start.