Bring Back Some of Echo's Flight Cancel Speed

Not only did it feel very fluid and pleasant to use, it also added a lot to her gameplay. It gave her opportunities to chase down fast characters such as Wrecking Ball and gave her better evasive maneuvers. The tech honestly felt so great to use that it seemed like the Flight cancel speed was intended. Sure, in combination with her great damage potential and great ult she could seem very overpowered with this tech which is why I’d suggest a toned down version of the cancel to stay in, or if she got to keep more of the initial speed while gliding.

The fix also made her max speed when gliding cap out at 8.2 m/s. Previously if she got booped or speed boosted (or used the Flight cancel) she could use that momentum to continue gliding with the extra speed, with a cap of 16.5 m/s. Now she just goes back to 8.2 m/s no matter if she gained any extra speed or not. This is actually a very big side effect from the latest fix which makes her movement even worse. Please make Echo fun again!


I think she should get a bit Back. Having a bit of extra movement wouldn’t hurt although nowhere near the original level.


Yeah, the original was abusive but no extra momentum at all seems really strange because you can’t even B Hop.


Hoping something gets done, just like when they listened and adjusted Lucio after those nerfs to his mobility


Honestly I was hyped to play Echo when I found about her movement tech, but now I think I’ll just go back to Lucio.


They might do it, but Lucio is ment to be fast. I just don’t understand why the original Echo design without the Flight cancel tech featured such little mobility. She floats and has wings, and in the ow 2 cinematic you can see her fly incredibly fast. She’d be such a more fun hero if that was her gameplay.

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It just seems like the devs intended a different direction for the character that many of us, spoken or unspoken here and elsewhere, really enjoyed (for like a day lol).

That being a highly mobile, vertical AND more importantly horizontal, pacey flying hero that required mechanics and aim to pull anything off.

I feel they want the character to be vertically up and above fights with her good vertical boost, then able to spam her cooldowns and then eventually with ult really get creative from above (hence why ult has the survivability perks).

Maybe we’ll eventually get the horizontal, speedy dps that can go in and out of fights kinda like wrecking ball but as a glass cannon one day, although echo going back to being able to do that while nerfing other things for balance would still be ideal

Yes please. Horizontal speed is just so much more interesting and provided much more high octane gameplay. Echo’s current Flight is just too similar to other flight abilities in the game like Mercy valk, Sigma flux and Pharah. Her having more horizontal flight would be much more unique.

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That will make an op hero more op

@sparrow That’s why they’d prob have to nerf some other parts of her kit, which they have already done today (sticky bomb damage nerf & ult charge nerf).

She still has tons of mobility - a genji dash + jump jet on 6 second cooldown.

Oh and a full charge zarya beam on cooldown

Oh and Uber-shurikens as left click

Oh and ez mode pulse bomb lite on right click

Oh and mercy’s passive too

I really don’t have a problem with Echo’s current flight speed. When her initial flight speed came out she was super fast, to the point you could fly across the entire map and flank easily. The flight speed was so fast you’re cool down had already been up so then you could’ve easily retreat back to your team.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun playing with echo’s flight speed when it first came out. But, like you said certain things would have to be toned down. They already nerfed her sticky bomb dmg. And ultimate charge rate, so they might revert the change.

However, we will have to see in the upcoming weeks. I’m sure she will have a lot of changes as they are still working around her kit.

The dash you get from Flight is not even near the distance of a genji dash.

This is why they’d have to nerf most of her other kit, which is reasonable considering how op she is.