Bring back Pink Mercy with Overwatch 2

ONLY donating because you want to skin shows your main incentive is the skin. If that wasnt the case you would donate anyway. Again, when people own that thier main reason is the skin and they cant donate for any other reason then ill be fine with the skin coming back


When the arguments against your points are non existant they wont respond

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Absolutely good points. I would buy pink mercy and I don’t care about the charity aspect, and I have family that had BC.


So why don’t you donate yourself either? Why? I’m waiting? What’s up with moral policing when you yourself aren’t donating either. And yes, I did donate anyway, before I even knew about Overwatch.

Ultimately the entire counter argument against pink mercy returning stating “WHY DON’T YOU JUST DONATE ANYWAY” are literally bottom of a barrel dumbest ones that are ridiculously overdone.

And yes, I’d buy the Mercy skin regardless of the charity aspect.

I honestly didn’t even care so much about the skin, even after so many spam threads to return it, I still didn’t care so much, but after seeing so many idiotic arguments that are AGAINST it returning, I really, really want it brought back.


Im sorry mommy didnt teach you the meaning of “no”


Because i already have donated to charity, i didnt need pink mercy to do so.


Are you comparing those who want the skin to be returned to infants/toddlers who are unable to take care of themselves?

That is a very good point.

Why are you making assumptions about what people do or don’t donate? You’re talking about moral policing while making assumptions about donations while lording your own.

You’re entire post screams “I’m better than you” with how you talk to and treat people. Yet you accuse others of moral policing.

Reading comprehension is at an all-time low. Exclusive means exclusive.

Yes. I missed out on Illidan genji, a good looking skin. Am i crying to blizzard about an in game skin on the forums? No I’m not. Not to mention, people pretending that their main incentive isnt the skin and they want it back for “charity” are horrible human beings.

Honestly if they made more skins like that than they could probably get people to stop requesting pink mercy. The thing is, pink mercy is the only skin of its kind, there just isn’t skins like it, uniqueness is what drives such passion for it. You would think Blizzard could see the writing on the wall, but instead they release trash like Hydra Symmetra and surprise surprise, no one cares.

You seem to willfully ignore that it IS the reason that people would donate to charity and they won’t if they can’t get a skin out of it. People aren’t as kind as you think they are, they are selfish, and they will only donate IF they get rewarded for it, you can realize this and make the skin a donation so people that need money actually get it, or you can live in a tower made of ivory looking down at the “bad” people while those that need the money don’t get it.


I know people are selfish and would only donate if they got the skin. Those same people need to admit that and quit making threads pretending that the skin isnt thier only reason. It coming back is only something i don’t want because of the crying. If everyone who made these threads came out and admitted that without getting the skin they won’t donate and that’s all they want in particular than I would be content in the skin coming back

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While its true that its dishonest to say its for charity, in the end charity DOES get the money. Can hate them for being selfish, but at the end of the day if you give them what they want, people in trouble get badly needed assistance.

The world works best under capitalism and not communism because if you don’t incentivize people to get something out of it, than nothing gets done. But if you realize this, you realize that capitalism helps the most people because for communism to be good, people need to be good.

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I just want the dishonest people to come forth and admit that. When i get I’ll be content, it is what it is and the skin will make them more money. But like im tired of people pretending to be something they’re not and acting like they dont just want the skin. The skin coming back on its own is not my issue


True, personally I’m just sick and tired of people in these threads speaking from their ivory tower of how much of a saint they are for donating to charities and that if you don’t donate to charities just because than you’re a bad person and thus the skin deserves to stay exclusive. COMPLETELY ignoring the fact that if the skin came back is the only way for people that need it to get the money and the skin doesn’t exist to make you feel good about yourself, its about helping people.


They should bring it back so people shut the hell up about it already.

Not at all, also it’s not an assumption when it’s true, seriously, how many people who bought the Pink skin donated to charities since then?

Also your post screams the same thing a lot more, especially since you mentioned the way I treat people, which had no mentions or anything alike in my post (projection?).

And no, I’m not moral policing, nor am I saying I’m better than anyone, my statement instead simply states that I have more say in this topic due to the fact that I actually donated before regardless of skin (don’t I?), and it’s absolutely annoying when people use the “PINK WAS A CHARITY SKIN” argument as if: A - the majority didn’t care for the skin, and B - the majority donated to charities since them.

You know what’s even funnier? The fact how much dissenters hate the thought of the skin returning, like if they don’t want to buy it they don’t have to, it has zero affect on them. They won’t have to buy it, and if they already have it, they’ll still return. A special skin returned, nothing changes in your life nor does it affect you, but people who wanted the skin are now happier.


Do you have access to the people who donated?

How does it do that?

You’re literally saying “I donated, other people didn’t” despite not knowing who donated besides you. @Neijii even said they donated, but you seemed to gloss right over that because it didn’t align with what you were saying.

And, yet again, you’re ignoring the people who are giving reasons for it not wanting to return because they don’t fit your narrative.

It wouldn’t stop because there’s always going to be people who weren’t playing when X item was released.

this demand violates the spirit and intent of these forums, which exist to provide a place to discuss Overwatch related topics like this one

assuming they have the time and resources to make a Pink Moira, no problem - tho with work on OW2 underway, I doubt those resources are available

regarding “instead of”: unnecessary. This is not an “or” situation, it is an “and”.

As in, there is even more money to be earned for charity by offering BOTH this new skin and Pink Mercy, individually and/or as a package

First, you know nothing about my personal motivations - and most likely, anyone else who might be interested in making this purchase

Second, there are many reasons one might make this purchase aside from the one stated above. Saying that all folks share this motivation is again painting with too broad a brush. Since there is an accusation imbedded in the statement in this case, this statement imo is particularly deporable

Third, the buyers motivation is irrelevant. The dollars from the purchase spend the same towards BC research regardless of the buyers intentions

this too is irrelevant, and here’s why: there are two types of folks in the world, those who donate for the sake of donating, and those that require incentive to do so. There is nothing wrong with this second group. People are people. The mere existence of this skin is an acknowledgement by both Blizzard and BCRF that these two groups exist, and further that both organizations wish to appeal to…not deride, not insult, not question morals, not attack…the second group. Charities maximize donations by getting donations from BOTH groups. Pink Mercy was not created to appeal to the first group - it was created to appeal to the second group. Telling the second group to “just donate” is a misplaced statement - thats not how they operate.


I see no “crying” here whatsoever.

I have no idea why a word like this with all of its negative connotations was used here, unless it was intended as a baseless attack on those wishing to buy this item

this is an absolutely deplorable statement in my opinion

it is not horrible to want to purchase this item, and those who wish to purchase it as not “horrible human beings”

it is perfectly and absolutely normal for buyers to ask to buy something that was available but currently is not