Bring back offense and defensive class

Tbh i dont know why they made one damage category, i really liked the defense and offense class.

It would honestly be pretty cool with 1 offense dps and 1 defense dps

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Because the labels didn’t really work with all things. Some characters are just better at certain maps than others.

Plus, people (especially those who tend to play defensive characters) would get flack if they played them on an attack.

Bringing it back would cause more issues and solve none.

Why do you think every character should always be viable in every situation?

Geoff spoke about these categories in the AMA and he said that some heroes are really hard to place. For example, he argued:

“From a ‘sniper’ perspective, we had generally considered them to be more defensive oriented. But [Ashe] isn’t really a sniper, exactly. On just a whim i’d say Offense, but I could be swayed to make her Defense. I mean, this is basically a big part of why we merged them into one category, at some point it becomes fairly arbitrary feeling.”

It’s less that and more that the longer the game was out, the more that the labels felt arbitrary for a good number of heroes. Meanwhile, other heroes who work just fine in either situation but had the clear advantage on one side or the other would get people yelled at.

It doesn’t matter. People would pick any dps hero they wanted whether it was attacking torb, or defense genji.

The change to all dps role was good.