Bring back “Heroes Never Die!”


I believe “My Servant’s never die” go with the halloween mercy skin


yea but it’s not the same as before, it’s really depressing tbh lol


Then why do, say, Genji’s ultimate lines change when he’s wearing his white tiger skin or his Oni skin?


Because Blizzard only hears Genji mains so if they want new ultimate voice lines they’ll get it
Not only this but with everything lol


they should make it so she says that when she uses rez, that way her team knows her rez is on cd

(Michael Chu) #37

I’m not sure about the time frame it’ll go out, but we are going to switch Mercy’s Valkyrie ultimate to use her old lines, “Heroes never die!” and “Helden sterben nicht!” along with the skin variants. (And they won’t play when she uses Resurrect.)

Heroes Never Die!
[Feedback Thread Continued] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018
Onwards, To Victory!
Mercy Ultimate Voiceline
[Feedback Thread Continued] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018
Heroes never die
Mercy in the PTR

That’s amazing! Thank you!



Thanks so much Michael!


Nice, i wanted that back!


Oh my gawd! It’s the main man, the lead writer! Mr chu!!!


What about Hanzo’s “Simple Geometry” after rework? “Scatter!” is pretty iconic as well (not as much tho).


I can’t say thank you enough! I HATE I will watch over you. Its long and dumb. Heroes Never Die! is so iconic.

Although… there is still a good chance that heroes are gonna die even when you Valk, lets be honest. It would be nice to have rez instant cast during Valk, then the ult line would make a little more sense.

Regardless… thank you


His new lines will be “Shapes are for squares” and “Faster!” (Cause he’ll shoot faster.)


Doesn’t it just depend on which skin you use?



Thank you, it’s the little things sometimes.


… straight lines are geometry?
I dunno man, it’d still kinda work.


The variants are as follows:

Valkyrie/Sigrun: Mercy says, "Til Valhalla!"
Devil/Imp: Mercy says, "Heroes never die… For a price!"
Witch: Mercy says, "My servants never die!"
Every Other Skin: Mercy says, "Heroes never die!"


But will he still have the voice line? And when will it occur? Maybe when he snipes a target at long range because of the arrow drop.


Maybe an occasional headshot death would trigger it? or hitting someone affected by sonic arrow as they emerge from cover?


What ever it is, it’d love to hear it from time to time.