Bring back “Heroes Never Die!”


Its at least a head start for better Ultimate for Mercy then the current “Enhances Mercy’s Abilities” [to be more distant from the teamfight than ever] Ultimate.

But hey in the meantime I’m looking forward to Mercy yelling "Heroes Never Die" reminding us that The Only True Hero in Overwatch is Mercy because no other character in this game is as devoted to saving lives [and even undoing death] as Mercy.

:heart: :heart: Mercy :heart: :heart: “Heroes Never Die” :heart: :heart:


Also while we are fixing the proper place for voicelines can we also have a few other things. Tiny things really.

  1. When Mercy does a melee final blow and says “Say ‘ahh’!” can we allow the dearly departed one last breath for them to say “Ahh”. I’d really like to hear Doomfist saying “Ahh” in reply to me knocking him out!
  2. I’d like to check my teams voical health while we are preping in spawn. Can we have “Say ‘ahh’!” as an unlockable voice line?

^ BTW those two points may sound like a joke (and they are), but I’m also serious.


I would suggest that they give Mercy an entirely new Ultimate that truly lives up to the voice line “Heroes Never Die” such as how about preemptive Rez i.e. I have to go right before death to save you instead of after the fact.


Yeah, i think that they will bring back every “Heroes Never DIe!” voice line from ever skin. Like Witch, IMP + Devil and Valkyrie + Sirgun.


I posted that before they replied. I’m so happy that I’ll be able to scream My Servants Never Die! Even tho everybody will die since Valkyrie is pretty useless rn.

(Michael Chu) #228

In the game now there are a handful of other voice lines for Resurrect, and those will continue to be used after the change.

So, when is Mercy’s ULT gonna say Heroes Never die?

Surely there are other topics that you could comment on…


So she will say the old’’ heroes never die’’ when she pops valk ?


Hey Michael, thanks for answering us about the voiceline question. But would you guys pretty please give your thoughts on our Mercy suggestions? She’s boring and completely messed up in most Mercy players’ vision. We don’t want her to stay like this, specially Uprising is coming and she is near uselessness with Valk…


Should we expect the change Soon?


She sais it for me every now and then when I Rez, I was shocked when I heard it!


When mercy pops valk, her healing should go up to 85 from 60 during the duration.


Please give us some new voice lines for the Blizzard World skins.


yes she says it but it is not the same line from before, its very quiet and the tone is very different from the old ‘’ HEROES NEVER DIE’’


Valkyrie shouldn’t even exist as an ultimate, lol.


You know what I mean. if Valk has to be an ultimate, then the amount of heals should be increased in order to have a slightly better counter to enemy ult damage or concentrated enemy fire. As it stands now, even with chainhealing, 60 is not enough to keep your team alive in a determined enemy push, and stopping to rez someone during valk is a no no.


Thanks <3 I’m so glad


Will the new voice lines be used for anything once the old ones come back? I’ll admit, I really really liked “Gemeinsam kämpfen wir!” Moreso than “Helden sterben nicht!” to be honest.

Would be a shame to have that one gone for good.


I don’t think chained beams will counter many ults even with heal increased. Valkyrie shouldn’t be an ult. Its idea is like so poorly designed. Blizzard needs to understand that.


I doubt the Lead Writer has much to say about Mercy’s design and current iteration. That being said, I doubt any of the devs will say anything about her anytime soon. If anything they’ll nerf her again just to spit in our faces.