Bring back BCRF charity event in Overwatch 2

not true. They’ve clearly stated they aren’t bringing it back. Tweets and replies on the forum.

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except they haven’t, actually

they have indeed made a statement about it, but that statement isnt what is being claimed here


There ya go.

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People are still allowed to ask for it, even if the devs have said no and you find it annoying that people keep asking.

I find it weird that the vibe in half these threads is just :poop: ing on people who want the skin and treating them like annoyances because of it. Yet if anyone should be donating profits to charity and using their popular franchise, existing work and popularity as a company to get money, it should be blizz.

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I am well aware of this statement, and indeed, this is the statement that they have made

it does not have the meaning that it is claimed to have in the earlier post

what was claimed earlier and what this statement actually says are two different things

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I am still of the belief that the chances of Pink Mercy returning if Microsoft takes over are very high, much higher than they are right now


If Microsoft buys them, I feel like they would have a much better opportunity to do more charity events.

Most people don’t want to touch ABK given their horrific leadership and lawsuits. They’d be more inclined to partner with Microsoft than they would ABK.

Also, anything to get Bobby out is welcome. :triumph:

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Yeah, let’s get a Pink Reaper skin instead.

Give the man a frilly maid costume for cancer!!

As Phoebe Buffay once sayed you help other people becouze you are selfish and you do that just to feel better about yourself.

And I agree with your point od view.

But on the other side how to encourage people to charity and helping? Simple → reward them.

You spoke nothing, but the truth.

It seems that mutting only does so much, as each update it seems to get undone. At this point, I would be more acceptable if another hero with another charity case appears in game.

Why not sell both for charity?


Legal purposes. They just can’t simply “sell both” Blizzard would have to get permission from BCRF in which I saw an image of BCRF agreeing to do another event with Blizzard if the opportunity arises, but with all the speculation of the past event that happened to Blizzard- a new charity case that features a NEW HERO, would be more welcoming.

Blizzard can try and sell Pink Mercy, however, I always see these types of threads suggesting bringing back charity events therefore one can donate, but never offering the idea of just having a new event for a new hero to help with the charity cause as it been well over 5+ years from the event itself.

I made it known and I will make it more apparent that I have already owned the skin and donated to charity, therefore, I do not care if they bring it back for those who want the skin, or if they simply do not bring it back, or even if they offered an alternative to Pink Mercy, and just change up the skin/ effects on the skin a bit so you still get a similar version of the skin since so many just want the skin.

Ok, but you said acceptable. If they want to hold another charity event, bringing back the charity skin that a lot of people have been asking for would be a great idea. Esp since it’s been so long and we have new players around. As long as the BCRF is still willing (which I’m p sure they still are) then there isn’t a reason why it shouldn’t come back other than blizz not wanting to bring it back.

Because they want pink mercy. I’m sure people would be glad to have more charity skins, but there are also people who just want pink mercy and would be willing to donate to charity to get her. Just because they don’t cushion their request with ‘oh but it can be a new skin for a different hero too, I don’t mind’ doesn’t mean their request is somehow tainted or not worthy.


I said “I would be more acceptable if another hero with another charity appears in game”, meaning instead of beating a “dead horse” we as a community would have more of a chance of getting a new charity event that features a new hero other than Mercy. The time frame of the release of Pink Mercy til now proves that point, as it has been 5+ years since the BCRF event.

You have to ask yourself this question though. A great idea for what and to whom? Never stated that it would not be a great idea as the high demand for the skin would only mean that Blizzard would make a profit off the skin alone, but that just makes you wonder the reasoning on the true intentions of bringing it back. Regardless, the money would have to go to charity so the means of reasoning wouldn’t matter too much since it is going to a good cause, but then the question arises why wait now when Blizzard could have been asked for permission and release the skin alongside with the event while doing another event with another hero in the past, but haven’t? WHY? is the true question. Many speculated because of legal reasonings, many speculated due to backlash since Blizzard has not been seeing such good endorsements lately due to events/ situations outside the game, but more so with the company as a whole. Many speculated that Blizzard just does not want to bring back the skin, as we didn’t get an official member stating that it was unlikely or have no plans on returning, but we did get those who work and/or have close connections to Blizzard stated that Blizzard has no plan on returning the skin, but of course, a lot of certain individuals dismissed that statement.


That is the only argument I can agree with as there are so many new players being added to the game after the event was well-ended, in which one can argue that he or she can not get the Pink Mercy skin are really any other exclusive skin in terms of special events skins, Blizzcon Skins ect.

However, I do think, and with emphasis on the thinking part, that BCRF would love to do another event with Blizzard to help raise awareness in which is why I stated what I stated in the original post, I am more acceptable to another hero with another charity appears in-game.

This^ Just like HintOfMalice stated

If they just want the skin, then releasing a skin that is similar to Pink Mercy would be as beneficial without masking the idea of, “I want the charity event to come back only if Pink Mercy is available”

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Everyone? The charity?

That doesn’t make sense. If they want the skin (which is pink mercy), releasing one for another hero that’s in the same vein as pink Mercy wouldn’t be giving them pink mercy.

And I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone ever say they will only give money to charity if the skin is for mercy. I’ve seen people ask for pink mercy, but the former idea is just an assumption as far as I have seen. But if you have examples of people saying they would only donate if it’s pink mercy, then I agree those people are unreasonable*

The best outcome would be to bring back pink mercy so people who don’t have it can get it, and make another skin so people who already have pink mercy can donate again.

*Unreasonable but not a reason to not bring back pink mercy. Take their money anyway and put it to a good cause.

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You ignore the rest of the statement that was attached to that response. Nevertheless, I already stated that of course it would benefit the charity event and as far as the reasoning, it does not matter too much as it will still be going to a good cause.

The response is in the reply above.

How? Also for clarification, releasing a similar skin of Pink Mercy to Mercy, would be as beneficial is what was stated.

Doing a whole new charity event for a new hero is what I mentioned if Blizzard do not want to bring back Pink Mercy.

Of course, they will not outright say I will donate if Pink Mercy is not a part of the event, as that is too cut and dry. However, if you read some responses, especially in these types of threads, you will see the true intentions. I am not going to get too in-depth with this as it been explained by HintOfMalice perfectly I presumed.

That is true, but it was stated that we have no plans to bring back the Pink Mercy skin or icons, therefore we have to come up with another plan in terms of doing a new charity event for a new hero, and if they want Blizzard can release a similar skin of pink Mercy to Mercy, but switch up the design while keeping the same color scheme to appease those who just want the Pink Mercy skin.

Granted things can change as it been witnessed in this game, however, just like that, thing may not change. This is why again I stated the whole acceptable to a new charity for a new hero.


I thought you wanted another hero to get a skin, but either way, why go through the extra effort to make a new skin for the same hero when we can bring back the old skin for that hero, and pick another one to get a skin too, so that more people want to get the skins?

Right, so just an assumption based on what you think they mean. I don’t buy it and I don’t care either way since people being weird about giving to charity shouldn’t change whether we bring back the skin or not.

Remember all the stuff they said about PVE? About Ow2? How half that stuff fell through or changed? Things can change. They said they do not have PLANS to bring it back, that doesn’t mean they never will.

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I do. It been stated that Pink Mercy has no plan on returning. So of course I would rather Blizzard to make a new charity event for a new hero instead of having threads asking for something that has been stated to have no plans on returning.

Legal reasonings or it may be something that we as a community do not know, but Blizzard does. Which is why I stated if that is the case, then releasing a similar skin to Pink Mercy to Mercy would be beneficial.

You can call it an assumption, however, when you engaged in a conversation with those particular people, the more and more dialog is being exchanged, you start to see his or her true intentions.

I already stated this already. Things can and have changed, while other things haven’t changed. We just have to see as time can tell. Until then other forms of reasoning/ ideas should be accumulated. Either or, I have no issue if they bring the skin back or not, as I am not opposed to either idea. I just feel like since it has been some years since the release, and nothing, then I am inclined to the idea of a brand new charity event to a new hero would be a great idea.