Brigitte's stats are broken


In the stats for Brig you can find such statistics as “Quick Melee Final Blows” etc., but there are no stats about the max heals she has provided in a game. So when one has played as Brigitte, they cannot see how well they’ve done in their best single match, but can see that their QMFB is still 0, as like will always be, since Brig doesn’t have QM. I haven’t chacked if such weird statistics are present with other characters e.g Reinhardt with QM or Moira with enviromental kills, but it would be nice if the stats shown for characters were looked through and fixed to match the characters better.


A lot of things are horrible with Brig right now, this is intentional.

Don’t know if they are still debating forced 2/2/2, but till they finally do.

Then I think they will get to her a competitive state, after.

Aka…don’t play Brig (she currently half existing right now.) (they might even change her role.)