Brigitte's pickrate has gone down to 3.75%

They need to take stun off of shield bash, maybe turn it into a lesser knockback. Then lower health pack cooldown from 6 to 4.

In a game 99,99% of us play for fun, what could possibly motivate you to use anything else for your decisionmaking? The 50 pro-gamers who actually play for money are a drop in the ocean by comparison.

I’d rather the balance be made off of actual data and not people’s feelings.

Last changes we had because people thought something was “unfun” or “cheesy” gave us the Mercy meta for 6 months and the Hanzo rework that made him to be pretty much the best DPS option by a mile.

I don’t want a Brig change because a small portion of people find her “unfun” that leaves us with a 6 month Brig meta. Historically speaking, “unfun” changes ultimately left the game in a less fun state for people.

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The reward she gets for how little skill she takes is a joke

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Ana worst support? xD cough mercy cough

Less Brigg in games, the better. She is cute. Has a nice voice, but that’s where it ends.

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that’s mostly because nobody likes playing her, cause she’s the cheesiest character of all.

she’s also not considered a main healer, not even a secondary healer, in fact she takes up the 2nd dps slot of the team when you run rein/zarya. and she still has one of the highest winrates with the highest on fire rates in the game, which means low sr losses and high sr winrates below 3k sr, she is literally the best way to cheese the system right now.

by any means, she the highest winrate for every rank until gm, but hey, balanced right?

In a game played in someone’s leisure time for fun, the “fun” is the one actually important piece of data.

Blizzard talked about this in the past in the context of WoW: Sometimes you have to nerf something which is balanced numerically, because players perceive it as overpowered. You nerf it, players are now happy, despite it numerically underperforming. Does it improve your game in a vacuum? No. Does it actually make your game better as a product sold for customer entertainment? Yes.

Her pickrate has nothing to do with her power level. This is the result you get when you are incredibly powerful at one thing and one thing only: countering dive.

Since all flanker were exclude from the meta by Brigitte, they all went sniper or at the very least backline DPS thus excluding Brigitte from meta aswell.

Which is actually super funny. Brigitte is the only hero that excluded herself from the meta^^

Well, his Swift Strike hitbox is just as generous as Deflect was (comparatively) and I still firmly believe that under no circumstance should Genji be able to reach the altitudes Pharah flies at.


Blizzard was wrong. (and so are you)

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Brigitte isnt broken anymore. She just feels oppressive to some heroes who cant stay away from her stun range. She is also easy to get value out of, but she isnt a must pick anymore. I dont think you can nerf her anymore without making her unusable in higher ranks.

This one be all fine and dandy if there was an actual agreement over what is and isn’t fun. Seeing as how there is no unified “unfun” thing in the game that can be changed “unfun” will continue to be a completely subjective reason that can end up with drastic changes being made that can leave the game in a worse state than what it was in. A great example of this is Mercy 2.0. Mass rez was removed because it was “unfun” and the following 6 months of mandatory Mercy was the result of this change.

Let’s not also forget that being “unfun” is a two way street. To use the Mercy example I found the 6 months of mandatory Mercy to be much more “unfun” than any mass rez moment and to this day still find her new ult to be very boring as it is basically just a glorified spectator mode. I know there are plenty that feel the same way and yet no change ever occurred. So now it is a question of who’s fun is more important but the moment you start saying who’s fun is more important you’ve already ruined your game because you are catering it one minority group of players.

This is why fun is subjective. Balance off actual data and people will have fun playing with balanced characters more so than characters perceived to be balance.

Fun may be subjective, but it isn’t that subjective. The way a mechanic will impact the overall enjoyment players get from the game is usually pretty predictable. It largely depends on whether the mechanic provides (or removes) meaningful choices and whether players can recognize their individual contribution to the game’s outcome. This is why people often have issues with CC, because it removes your ability to respond to what follows (ie, make choices); which will really get under people’s skin if it’s perceived as easy to perform (ie, lacking counterplay, which is, again, meaningful choice).

For example, say we add a new hero with the following passive:

When this hero deals the final blow to an enemy, then that enemy’s death timer is increased to 5 minutes. When this hero dies, their death timer is 8 minutes.

I guarantee you that you can fiddle with the numbers on this passive to give the hero a balanced win rate. But this concept will never be healthy, or fun, for the game.

Similarly, the card game War is perfectly balanced. But it isn’t exactly engaging.

Balance is necessary, but not sufficient.

I still find Brigitte a broken hero because of how armor works in the game.
People in general have a close-minded view of what “countering” is (X kills Y easily) and doesn’t realize that it goes beyond “countering” and straight up becomes oppressive.

With the way armor works, Tracer’s, Reaper’s, Sombra’s, Roadhog’s, Winston’s weapons all become effectively worthless. You play the game as a disruptor or damage-dealer, and now, you aren’t able to do anything.

Not only Brigitte counters you, but you can’t do anything. Outside of ult, a person you’re targeting can be protected by armor and you’re again worthless.

Brigitte removes chance of counterplay due to the dire reality of armor. People’s guns suddenly are worthless peashooters. You can’t do anything about it other to wait for burst damage to break it.

Brigitte, as a character, can make people feel powerless and unable to do anything. They can’t escape. Brigitte is so sustainable you can’t stop her yourself.
You can’t do anything meaningful, and that’s why Brigitte’s design is a disaster.

Brigitte isn’t meta because the characters she single-handedly forced out of the meta aren’t usable because the opponent can simply switch to Brigitte and win the round by ult economy. Brigitte is a huge problem for game balance because she destroys a playstyle and type of damage.

Another issue is the fact that she’s easy. Everyone can play her and make people effectively out of the game and ineffective.

Brig feels broken because she HARD counters a meta that was dominant for so long. It was a necessary addition to the game that was inevitably going to be annoying.

How else are you going to counter high mobility dive heroes other than with CC?

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Do people still believe this?

Autolock guns… RIP Symm 2.0

You don’t need CC to combate high mobility… you just need to have an easier way to aim.

Running high mobility into Soldier’s tac visor makes the mobility a non factor as an example… Running a luco on payload into Symm or torb’s turrets… or Symm’s old autolock gun negated his high mobility.

There are too many aim elitists in the game though. The prob win brig isn’t her stun… its the fact she has low aim requirements. Mccree has a similar stun mechanic, yet you don’t hear the same complaints.

Look at how perception of Symm changed once they got rid of her auto aim. She is a worse character overall, her whole kit was nerfed… her winrate is trashed… her pick rate is dropping… yet so many think she is “better” only because she now has to “aim” with her microwave.

Brig does not have a problem. She is a weak hero that has to have a very aggressive grouped up team to be successful.

All these stats are meaningless. Damage can be done to a hog or a tracer, Brig obviously tends to do it to tracers. You only need to tickle someone to get an elimination, which is moira’s speciality. And moira heals more because unlike brig she doesn’t murder the other team in order to heal so they deal more damage to your team. It also doesn’t account for your teammates killing targets because you stunned them.

The only important stat is winrate, which brig is in top 3 in literally every rank.

lmao things have gone wild