Brigitte WILL Be nerfed during Season 10. It's just a matter of when

Hope there’s no nerf. This might be the best season since season 3. Sort of like a tank meta. Close range brawl. I love it.

Yo, lemme say this once. When YOU say you “don’t have any problems with her.” Is way different from a pro player saying they do have problems with her. Gold VS PRO. Please open your EYES. Thanks

I’m not saying anything about having a low rank. But most people I see defending brigitte are in gold. And I think it is because the gold players dont know how to use her? Im not sure.

I’ll be perfectly honest, with me, I couldn’t care either way. I don’t personally think she’s OP, and we don’t really have reliable data yet to prove that wrong, but I won’t be surprised when she gets a couple nerfs. My only hope is Blizzard doesn’t go over board (but they’ll likely not address the problem directly anyways and get stuck in a dark cycle where she ends up nerfed into oblivion for being “too annoying to play against”).

But my big issue with these forums is that a lot of the pro-nerf arguments are just using a bunch of really bad examples and very circumstantial scenarios to justify their complaints. When I have to only glimpse at a provided clip and can immediately see that it’s really the Doomfist that is the one shredding Rein, or that the reason neither Brigitte is dying in a 1v1 is because of pocket Mercy’s… At that point I can’t help just hopping in and pointing out the flaws.

All hail the gold ranked junkrat main, for his game knowledge and skill are better than ANY top 500 player in existence.

You can argue all you wan’t but a hero who sits on a 60% win rate for all ranks is not balanced.

I see 2 minor problems with Brigitte right now

  1. Her cooldowns, a minor 1 second tweak to her shield bash might be in order because it’s such a reliable ult shut down at least for chaneled ults like Road and Moira.
  2. some kind of way for Rein to deal with it, this is a problem Rein players have been dealing with with each character released aside from Moira and having some form of CC or displacement power.
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This is honestly why I hope Blizzard never read the forums. About 90% of the time, they do NOT know what theyre talking about. Its just (ironic) moans about pros moaning, and immense support favoritism.

People here represent a very VERY small part of the community, and think their word is law, simply because they play the game and made a whiny post.

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shadder2k is not a dummy. Hes one of the best Genjis.

Yes the Grandmaster is a bad Rein.

Keep in mind ‘pro players’ also prefer to keep everything exactly the same as how it was before and only play as extremely specific heroes, namely anything in the dive meta. They also refuse to adapt and just scream out for nerfs right away, exclusively to avoid adapting to the character.

Just like with Sombra, the ‘pros’ aren’t going to want to learn how to counterplay or adapt to the change, but unlike Sombra, Blizzard isn’t going to go through with it. They wanted Brigitte to be a legitimate change to the game from the beginning, and they’re not gonna change her just because people have a really bad first impression of her.

If they nerf her, then the dive meta will return. Unless Blizzard is prepared to keep the dive meta for the fourth straight season in owl, then they won’t have much choice to heavily nerf tracer and genji.

That’s not a straw man.

Do you have any idea what a straw man is?

Data, in your case, is nothing more than a crutch for a terrible argument.

Old Rez was awful gameplay. It needed to be revamped. The revamped Mercy was awful gameplay wise, because of the way it affected team fights, and how it dictated picks.

These are things the developers have to balance. The player base should call them out on it.

Yes. I do.

You refuted an argument that was not presented by me, and actually in some cases was the completely opposite of what I was saying, while giving the impression that you were responding to the arguments I made.

That’s a strawman.



Make up your mind do you want prosnto dictate balance or not?

Maybe he has to stop playing rein?

Don’t let this distract you from Mickie’s comment:
How do you stay so happy, even when things aren’t looking their best? You always look so happy.
I just… don’t want the team to be depressed. I want to keep the energy up.
BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump

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That’s not what a straw man is…

I didn’t refute your point. I’m telling you you don’t have one.

A straw man is a common form of argument and is an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent. [1] One who engages in this fallacy is said to be “attacking a straw man.”

From google/Wikipedia.

: a weak or imaginary opposition (such as an argument or adversary) set up only to be easily confuted

From the dictionary

The straw man fallacy involves misrepresenting an opponent’s position to make it easier to refute

From grammarist.

Yes, that’s a strawman. What did YOU think it meant?

That’s a refutation. It’s trying to disprove it. In addition, the point whose validity you tried to deny wasn’t even something I said. In places, it was literally the opposite of what I’ve been saying.

They don’t balance the game around what the pros think, but mainly on what generates the most revenue. Pros play whatever blizzard decides will be meta. That is why they get paid.

This forum represent a small percentage of the player base. The majority of players don’t visit the forum.