Brigitte WILL Be nerfed during Season 10. It's just a matter of when

They reduced the hit box of her shield bash. It was very big and they made it much closer to the shield size. People were very upset about side stepping her but still getting stunned.

Yes, but it’s also true that it was pretty easy to stun people that you weren’t aiming at.

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True, but in the long run it is still a nerf as it makes her directional more realistic. I agree if you had the turn around skill to smack someone and clip an orisa with the over sized hitbox it sucked, but they main problem I always had was having side stepped them after baiting out the stun to getting stunned around to her side.

Winston and are the main instigators of Dive.

You’re strawmannirg, now…

The point of my post is to reply to the obvious statements made to vilify Pro Players by making it seem as if they are responsible for nerfs characters (as in, changes that cause them to become inviable), which is what you’re hinting at in the post I replied to up-thread. There is also the entire history of this thread and your other posts within it, of course, which can be examined (feel free to!).

The point I’m making is that if something is broken, OP, out of balance, etc. then everyone should lobby for it to be nerfed, fixed, or balanced.

If the result of Blizzard’s balancing is a character that is inviable, then that is not the fault of those people who complained about the imbalance - nor does it make the imbalance that existed suddenly “okay” simply because the character was (in your various opinions) more playable before the “nerf.” Mercy 1.0 and 2.0 would still be imba, even if Mercy 3.0 was a 100% trash pick due to the manner in which Blizzard “balanced” her.

Likewise… Brigitte is too OP right now. She needs to be adjusted. If this results in a character that is unplayable, then that has nothing to do with the “Validity of Pro Players’ feedback,” nor does it invalidate the obvious state of the character - as it exists now. If Blizzard nerfed her and then rolled her back, guess what, all of the imbalances would come back with the rollback.

This is important to note, because people are using statements like “Pro Players have no credibility,” which is asinine if you actually understand the way the feedback loop works, and the understand that they do not plan or implement the changes that are put in the game (by Blizzard) as a result of that feedback.

People take Pro Players seriously because they play against other players of a high skill level. They aren’t just Bronze players complaining that a character is OP. People quote them because otherwise, people like you would go Profile Searching and use their rank to deny them credibility, even though their feedback is just as useful (and valid) as yours.

And you’re using Data as a crutch, as I’ve stated before. Data is useful, and all, but user experience is also very important and the way these things work - in game - is just as important as any data you have; which is usually devoid of context altogether.

Stop projecting your defensiveness and anger at Pro Players. Their feedback is more useful than the actual forum poster due to the environment in which they play the game, and it’s not like they are saying anything that no one knew once this character was put into the game (or on the PTR, even)

I did not strawman. Again, what do YOU think it means?

You made up an argument for me. I didn’t “hint” at anything. I’m not responding to the rest of your post because it’s not a response to what I actually have posted in this thread.

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She was broken after the rework, and that’s the devs fault… Right now she is balanced and very viable. And sometimes she is actually required. She also has the most reliable healing, cant miss, doesnt require reload.
I used to love old roadhog, but there is no denying he was broken and needed a fix, same thing with mercy. A balanced game > everything else

Well we won’t see eye to eye on that obviously, but interestingly to those saying pros want Brigitte nerfed may want to read an article about it on PC Gamer recently.

I agree with that on this occasion, more so after reading it. Anyway, late here so good night!

I would like to see the “Pro’s” they interviewed for this information.

Most OWL Pro’s have been saying she needs to be adjusted. Pro’s in scrims mostly agreed she is too strong currently after her numbers were released. Not sure what Pro’s they are talking to.

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? Yet all the pros are giving negative feedback on brigitte… Who are the pros the article mentions? and there is no way “ALL” the pros say that lol do you even watch any pros. I’m sorry but your article is a joke.
But whatever, it seems you like to abuse heroes to climb your way up, enjoy while it lasts.

twitter. com/Mangachu_/status/991384771870638080
here is a pro player named Mangachu, he believes Brigitte needs adjustments.
Your whole article is now invalid :slight_smile: Now what?

Boi, you’ve been sitting here unironically insulting this man because of his hero preference.

And you wonder why people are so toxic to each other.

Then I suggest complaining to PC Gamer about their ‘invalid’ news article, not me. I can’t do anything about can I? Haha. It’s like the best to worst hero reworks article on DBLTAP, that’s got some incorrect details there.

Timestamps from a video titled “This is why Brigitte is overpowered”
And most of that video have nothing to do with Brigitte.
And the parts that did, the player was usually getting punished by someone else: Like that doomfist near the beginning.
When the Rein got the 5K, they were positioned well enough, that the opponents couldn’t get her protection down, before she shield bashed Rein.

Personally, I think buffing Rein, to prevent him from being stunned (maybe just by shield bash) with his shield up is better than nerfing Brigitte; or nerfing Dive characters as well as Brigitte.

I mean, look at it from before Brigitte. Genji and Tracer have been oppressive as $#%^ for a LONG time. (Since season 4, or 5, I forget which). Brigitte feels like she was designed to counter that pairing when played together. If she gets nerfed, a lot of the dive components will have to get nerfed as well, because a lot of people are sick of watching, playing, and playing against dive comps.

I think, if Brig is nerfed, people will just go back to Dive - It’ll make a lot of people annoyed and/or Angry.
I think if Brig + dive comp is nerfed - it’ll make a lot of people annoyed and/or angry.

I would expect that the pro players haven’t played a lot of, or against, Brig. Because of their time preparing for the OWL. (at least, not to the point of being able to make reliable strategies against comps she is in). I could be wrong on this

Personally, I want Dive to be viable, but I want other strategies, and heroes, to be viable as well. I personally, enjoy the slower, Rein leading the way style of play.
In the pro scene, there will always be something that dominates, and I think it is healthier for the game, if it is changed every once and a while.

If they nerf her CORRECTLY, then I think we’ll be good.

Yeah, and these are the same pros that thought Sombra was OP, huh?

What a joke. Anything to keep their precious dive comp intact, yeah?

This is a thing btw. I guess “when” is a month from now. OP called it.

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But WHAT is the correct nerf? I both agree and disagree with raising her shield bash CD: I feel it needs to be 5 seconds against dive heroes (Genji and Tracer mostly), but agree it can feel too oppressive on a short CD for other heroes.
If we done something like: Against mobility based heroes it has a short CD, but a longer CD against more anchor based heroes. But the question is, would something like that be possible to do?

Do I look like a game dev to you? I’ve got no clue how to balance her without breaking her. She just needs to be nerfed to a place where she isn’t a must pick every game. If that’s reducing her movement speed when she’s got shield up, or nerfing her SB cooldown, then that’s what it has to be.

It was more of a hypothetical question, not a question directed at you.
It’s more - every ones opinion on balance, I’d imagine even amongst the devs, would be fairly different.
And most of the suggestions I see for nerfing her, would probably break her.