Brigitte wasn't nerfed this time

…neither were Zarya, Symmetra or Zenyatta.

Brigitte doesn’t give permanent armor anymore, it makes no sense for it to stay in the middle.

If anything, it was a buff to the heroes with shields that get Repair Pack (Zarya, Sym and Zen).

Read this carefully:
When Brig gives Zarya the Repair Pack at full health, Zarya’s total health goes from 400 to 475 for ONLY 5 seconds. Now if Zarya loses 50 health before losing the armor, this means that after the 5 seconds, both the 50 blue health AND the 75 armor will go away, whereas with the new changes, she’ll keep her base health intact.

I think my explanation was correct and understandable. I’m open for discussion.


This change just seems an reverse that’s all. May or may not Effect Brigitte only for Rally but that is no longer unlimited also. So you probably prefer it being used first now.

Stupid bugged forums on mobile not working correctly.

And it’s only 30 seconds anyway, not gonna be impactful for more than one team fight.

Did I miss something? What exactly are you talking about

Pretty much so and I basically only activated Rally just before the next team fight starts. So really nothing changes that much in the end.

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The new PTR changes.

This has been a request for almost two years. At least it finally got changed.

Yeah, to me it feels more intuitive.

That’s because the limelight heroes aren’t complaining just like when they removed auto lock.

Wait the old way was health armor shield is it now health shield armor?

Yes and it’s kind of better not to let the armor go to waist now.

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Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – January 30, 2019:

Quit being reasonable! Any change to a hero means that hero is deeeeeaaaaaaaaaa…

nah it’ll be fine


Right? How dare I use my brain and see the positive side of things!


It is a nerf to Zen zarya and sym since it affects their survivability your right that it doesn’t matter tho since permanent armor doesn’t exist on non tanks/bastion/brig

It’s really not. Read my original post again and you will understand.

I did understand but the thing about those zarya and perm armor is they were really hard to kill since shields regen so it wouldn’t matter if you take off 50 hp the armor protected her base health so she effectively lost no health if you couldn’t get rid of the armor in time

But it doesn’t matter since you can’t give permanent armor anymore

Thank you. Just thank you. The forums will ignore this because it doesn’t fit the hardcore casual narratives that the game should be balanced assuming we’re all bad players, but I salute you nonetheless.


I’m glad some people have an ounce of sense, but you know Youtubers like BTC will call it a nerf and get a whole bunch of sheeple to agree


No the way it was before was…

From outside to inside

Temp shield
Temp armor
Temp hp

Now it is…
Temp shield.
Temp armor
Temp health

So, rather than armor being strengthened with temp armor on it, the armor is being hammered on to the outside of the heros shield.