Brigitte Unironically saved OW


i think it was meta for like 10/11 months really


Pssht… you didn’t link the actual thread, but my post to that thread instead :eyes:


Well, as long as someone enjoyed themselves and received a good time from the changes? I can’t even hate on ya, and be salty about it. I’m happy that those 2 heroes were able to be a gift to you and your mans and comrades. ;D


Aww, thanks man. Usually replies are either, “You just need a crutch because you keep playing low skilled heroes” and such.

Im sorry that you were affected but sadly thats how counters work in game. Im a Sym main and Winston and Pharah is annoying af. Annoying but doesnt mean I entirely hate them.


From me? N’aaaah. Lol. I’m not the salty type. There’s way too many flavors of emotion to pick from, than decide upon salty or something negative. Besides, as I said. As long as someone ended-up winning in the end? What’s there to be upset about? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think her nerfed state is healthy for the game, but her old state almost killed this game and OWL in one swoop.


Bless your heart. If only people had your kind of attitude.


She broke the balance of the game dude what are you even talking about?


Add another hero to push the game into new territory away from tank heavy comps and CC and we will be good.


Preach bro Preach every category to dps support and tanks hated her and don’t get me started on console Brigitte.


No. She hurt the game./


From a balancing perspective, Brig is the worst thing that ever happened to OW. That much can’t be argued. And she’ll also likely go down in history as one of the worst design decisions ever implemented in a PvP experience.

In her current state, she’s finally a solid and reasonable character. But saying that she saved OW is pretty wild since the only thing OW has needed saving from over the last year is Brig.


Nah, the change to 2-2-2 is what ruined Overwatch. It was always meant to be more of a shooter than a MOBA. This direction spurred by competitive play was clearly last minute if you just look at the roster distribution and THAT is what brought us Brigitte which justified GOATs and made so many people quit. I can definitely argue it, but it is a waste of my breath so I will not. Blaming Brigitte for so many moving elements just makes no sense, however. If it was not her, it would have been something else. That is just what happens when you keep adding damage mitigation and CC to a game that is about fast paced action.


Except Junkrat, Pharah, Tracer, McCree, Hanzo, Genji, and Sombra (who was more hurt by the armor than Brigitte’s presence) who can fight her and win and those are the ones with just 200 HP (and lower). Mei, Reaper, and Doomfist could also take her on. Doomfist made Brigitte afraid of going nearing him, even. That aside, why is anyone that getting into range of a melee hero that can only operate in melee range?