Brigitte Unironically saved OW


Even with her nerfs ( it was bad she countered Rein), I think she is in a good state and saved the support experience of OW.

She counters dive tanks which was needed, and more importantly can force retreats on Flanker characters.

I think it’s fine she isn’t a hard 1v1 counter to the flankers but she’s so reliable at giving them pause and forcing a disengage which is paramount when playing support. It is also fair for the DPS because now they can play a more straightforward DPS char ( McCree) to counter her, and can outplay her if they are aware of her cooldowns.

Supports finally got the peeling hero we so desperately needed.

To all the Brig mains who would complain about Tracer, let me tell you, you can still counter Tracer you just have to have as much awareness as she has of you ( i.e keep track of her blinks, rotate your shield to cut off her angles and SB her to force a recall and she’s gone, also calling out her position and having her stuck on you makes her an easy target to kill for your team).

I’ll concede her kit was overtuned ( this is coming from someone who despise DPS Mains) but I really think the problem was overall Tank+Support synergy and that’s moreso the fault of blizzard ( i.e they removed too many FPS mechanics from those roles and made it heavy on ability/non-fps mechanics reliance).

I think having her in the game that gives the support role much needed independence has allowed the game to finally not be reliant on one role as much.


I see her kinda like Syndrome.

A lot of people seem to think they only exist just to screw up everything, but really all they were doing was making progress away from a deteriorating infrastructure


I think that really depends on if you think the removal of the challenge of being engaged improves the gameplay.

I always thought that was like, what makes it engaging.


On the contrary, She was one of the worst things to ever happen to Overwatch. Yes her existence nerfed dive and the “forum” version of Tracer and Genji, but it also nerfed pretty much any 200 health hero and tank that dared to go near her alone.


Because dive became the game after being meta for 2 years


I think the game got nerfed after Hanzo got reworked and sparked Double Sniper AND GravDragon, which then deteriorated into GOATS


Maybe you took my thread a tad bit too seriously. Brigitte: The LAST Support


Her release was really messed up as she had an insane kit. It was pretty obvious they would nerf. IMO Moth/Basiton meta was the worst cancerous thing. I think now with her nerfs she provides a good challenge.

Maybe you took my thread a tad bit too seriously. Brigitte: The LAST Support

I mean the prophecy is true, she will save us all and be the last support for 2019 lol


LOL! I never thought about it like that. Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. :rofl:


Then they should have nerfed, Winston, Tracer or Genji to kill dive. They should have put Mercy in the dirt a LOT sooner. That’s how they SHOULD have killed dive.

GravDragon was always a thing, it just wasn’t viable until dive was gone, then it was the ONLY viable comp. Hanzo was a troll pick up until that point. The rework was good but he was busted when it first came out. Now he’s fine.


I still don’t think he is, but he isn’t a pressing issue.
Those would go to the damage creep, the healing creep, Zarya, and Ana.

GOATS seems to be dominant not primarily because of their damage, but simply the fact that they have to rely on their utility together to turtleshell the high amounts of damage that no other comp can withstand as well.

Nerfing every tank or support won’t really solve that either imo, because the moment that Turtle Shell is no longer as effective is the moment when the game no longer needs them as they wouldn’t provide enough value on their own.


She was honestly a necessary evil tbh.

Yes she was OP at launch, but shes more balanced now. People complained there was a lack of counter to Tracer and Genji, because they both can outplay their own counters, moreso on Tracer. Supports were easy to target as well since they could be bursted down by flankers.

I dont play Brigitte a lot, I find her annoying sometimes, but the same could be said about other heroes.


We asked for nerfs to tracer and genji. Real nerfs too btw. Flanker mains cried to the high heavens and Blizzard refuses to tone them down. So we got Brig. But they continued to cry until she got 8+ nerfs so they can one trick, and booster services could remain a source of income for out of work basement dwelling neck bears.


All I know is that without the creation of Moira and Brig? I would probably be a GM Genji on PS4 by now. Easily. Possibly even a T500. I also know that my buddies would all still be playing for the most part. We all would still be jamming to Overwatch. But nope. On Moira release? They started disappearing. Brig release…? I was the last 1. :unamused:

I understand that characters need checks and counters, and all that. But, not like that. Not like that, bruh. I will never fully forgive Blizz for the creation for those 2. Never.


brig mains are so delusional lol.
stop pretending only flankers hated your precious hero.
in reality, all of us hated her (ive seen this from all kinds of players, from other healers to dps, and tanks too)
shes more balanced now but that doesnt make her likeable either.


I dont main brig, but I have been around since old forums and remember what happened.

Only broken thing on her was low cooldown on bash and bash through shields. Both of which I wanted addressed.


Well I know it sucks for you, but to me and my friends, it was great.

It was honestly very tiring whenever I played supoprt, I have to choose wisely since if they have a Genji/Tracer, I would be an easy target. With Moira and Brig, I got more options so Im not flanker food and I have a chance against them.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: u serious


Brig solved one problem, but created (or helped create) multiple (arguably worse) problems at the same time. I don’t call that saving tbh.


Ya’ll big mad though, it’s equally a bad decision to put two characters in the game with unchecked mobility against rigid heroes with no hitscan weapons too. Lol