Brigitte Still not in competitive

What’s going on? Why the delay, Jeff?

Let’s go! Alla till mig!

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You know that this has been answered already. It’s in the bluetracker.


They will put her on S10.

Does this answer your question?

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No it doesn’t. Why the delay?

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Because people need to learn the character.


Did you click it? You should click it.

That’s how it is now, the thread explains it better then I can.

Learn what? She has the same keybindings as all the other heroes. I don’t get it. The other new heroes was in QP a week -ish??

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Yeah people act like this is a MMORPG and these heroes have 30 moves to learn. After playing Brigitte in the training room for 5 minutes you are about 60-70% effective with her. Then after a few games you are at 90% where you really need to grind to hit 100%.

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The last 10% is the hardest part to learn.

This includes decision making, positioning, and cooperation.

Yeah and it’s not going to be learned in QP or arcade mode so just put her in already.

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Give them enough time to live-nerf if pros whine a lot about her.

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Go back to the old forums and look around. There are many many topics complaining about new content being released in the middle of comp seasons and there were lots of topics about seasons not changing much from one to the next.

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I agree, I want her in Comp. But that’s Blizz’s choice.

I never understood that. What is the big deal for a season unless you are trying to hit top 500? Season ends, so what? It’s not like there’s some playoffs at the end of it.

Indeed. The season also never really ends since your hidden MMR keeps on going through placements and such. There’s only a slight correction of SR (probably?) after placements.

Waiting to release an already finished hero into competitive because they want a season to “have identity” (wtf does that even mean?!?!) is the stupidest thing, especially when the seasons aren’t seasons at all since everyone is playing the same MMR as last season. There’s literally NOTHING that changes to an account between a season to another.

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Lets bet that no one will know how to play her when she hits comp and there will be still a race who will pick her first.

It is the same thing every time.

i think they also meant learn there ways around the character. like how to counter her etc idk

Learn her counters, how to play against her, etc.

Have you seen those threads complaining about Brigitte? Her counter is range and burst damage (Pharah and Junkrat) but I don’t think the people writing those threads even know that.
Some actually make a good point on why Brigitte is overtuned but most are just complaining on why a support has the ability to kill flankers.

If Brigitte was released in comp already then half the forums will be filled with “Brigitte OP” “wtf this no skilled support can kill a flanker?” “omg bridget is op”

But yes even if I contradict myself by saying this, I do want her in comp.