Brigitte Still Is Stronk, Just Rightfully So

I’m logging into the ptr now, I’m going to check this out for myself. I played her live yesterday (a compromise between only having one healer or only one tank) and she seemed to be super duper strong.
Brig was the first new hero that was released when I started playing and I hated that inspire was useless because no one would brawl with me (the point is lava!) I quit playing her almost entirely.
Personally stunning through a shield you could walk through is a little cheesy to me, I would rather shield bash do no damage if we get to keep stun.
Let’s see what she’s up to.

It’s not live yet. It’s from a post on the forums.

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lol i’m being spawn camped

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I love the passive aggressive tone :slight_smile:

lucio has a survivability ult compared to a sustain ultimate so he has her in that regard, Lucio also has speedboost for his off support niche.

In all honesty, lucio is probably a step up for dive/utility use compared to armor now.

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Honestly, Brig is still just better for my level of play (plat) because you cannot accidentally forget to heal. But yeah, higher up, I imagine Lucia actually having a kit comes in handy.


okay, I never got to a match I actually timed out on a skirmish and left the nexk skirmish after about 15 minutes. I faced a rein but he was baiting out for an Ashe. I did face a winston (shield dance, no big deal)
Doomfist was very easy to manage.

edit: she seems like always, way better in a team fight, useless solo against more than a squishy.
I think this incoming damage nerf might cause her skill floor to raise considerably.

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Like getting 1 clipped by tracer? Or right clicked>shift by genji? or right clicked by doom, e>shift>left click by doom.

She was barley a deterrent to dive comp as she could only 1v1 dive hero’s. Dive was already strong enough to still be played. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes back now.


The healing buff on inspire didn’t out weight the loss of damage and barrier nerf. The healing buff also isn’t that significant either it goes from 16 healing to 20 healing hp.

Hey guys losin 45 damage off your ability is nothing let’s just do it for every hero and see what people say then

All of the combo heroes you mentioned are damage dealers, it’s literally the only thing they do so yeah. Evidently they’re good at it. Ironic though, that each hero you mentioned can be bashed.

Yeah, 1 Brigitte versus 1 Dive hero favors Brig. But Dive isn’t just 1 person, it’s 5. Only way Brig can survive that is with a Goats team or an uncoordinated Dive opponent. And yeah, I hope Dive comes back, along with Bunker to meet Goats in an even playing field. It’s just that the former of the 3 involves a whole hell of a lot of communication and prioritization. That could be an edge.

you think brigitte counters dive because of bash that does 50 damage to tanks?

she counters dive because of the aoe healing, peeling,armor and herself being a support thats hard to kill


D va boop plus micro missile combo. Roadhog hook into headshot. Rein swing plus fire strike, Hammond piledrive into firing. Tanks have high damage combos as well.

Every hero in the game deals damage. And nearly every hero has some combo to speak of to do heavy damage. Overwatch is first and foremost a team based fps. Support doesn’t mean no damage, tank doesn’t mean no damage and yet you’re trying to make the argument only dps should deal damage? I really hope you see how flawed that logic really is.

And? Every hero can be bursted down too. What’s your point?

In high elo dive is already being played nearly on par with goats. And bunker has always been map specific and still dominant on those maps.

Dive was strong enough to be meta for over a year, and the only thing that worked to bring it down a peg so it’s only the second most dominant team comp… just got nerfed. Congrats. Dive will be a lot more dominant than goats, like it was prior beating out spam meta and quad tank.

That’s what, a 40% boost? Symm got a 20% boost on an accuracy dependent weapon and I still noticed. 4 extra health a second times 6 people is 24 more total HpS, totaling 120 max HpS, from 96. Not to mention that Brig herself has armor for DR when topped off and a shield to get to the top 50 health, AND an ultimate for more armor. She’s virtually unkillable in 1v1’s.

Imagine if Sleep Dart did 50 damage. Ana wouldn’t have to care about getting help to eliminate slept targets, she’d just jab a syringe and splash a grenade, maybe throw in a jab for good measure if it’s a Reaper and boom 265 damage.

false equivalence. it would be like losing 20 damage off her primary so she couldn’t do her 3 combo anymore. Like they did in season 4 which dumpsterd her.

Yeah, but not every hero in the game can 200 to 0 somebody as effectively as others, hell a lot of heroes are designed to resist dying. Because Overwatch isn’t “first and foremost a team based fps”, it’s a class based FPS. Medic, Engie, Soldier, Sniper… Those guys do all sorts of different things and die at completely different rates but they still all do damage. Soldiers just do the most and that’s okay, he’s a “Power Class”. We’re not talking CoD here, we’re talking TF2.

My point, which you are obviously avoiding, is that Doomfist, Genji, and Tracer all have to get within 8 meters of Brigitte to do significant damage to her. Pick better heroes to whine about true combos with.


doomfist rp full charge is 22m. Genji’s left click is rangeless while swift strike is 14m and tracer’s effective range is 11m for 240 damage, without crit.

Stop lying.

Edit: And these are arguably the most mobile hero’s in the game, who have the best chance at baiting and avoiding bash.

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the stun still works, she just doesnt 1 shot anymore. thats fine

brig works with her team more then most. previously a brig stun you even if they mess up the combo her team would finish off anyone who came close, tracer or not. nothings changed there cept brig cant 1v1 tracer as easily. meaning there is now counterplay to the match up

this is a good thing for the game, because hogs big buff helps keep dive meta at bay

To be fair, they said this about hog and his hook combo too.