Brigitte shield not blocking splash damage

When Brigitte holds her shield to directly block projectiles that have splash damage(aoe), such as pharah rockets or junkrat’s grenade/mine she still gets hit.

For instance, if Brigitte holds her shield and pharah fires a rocket directly on her shield, she will still get hit for the full splash damage.

I’m not talking about a rocket hitting the side of brigitte,but directly on her shield.


yesterday i died to a riptire, i was clearly facing him with my shield, the shield abroke to the tire and of top of this i died. since this i was watching a bit to this and i think theres a problem like you said. someone needs to check this with video. or test it more

Her shield is small, be careful, you have to face riptire dead-center to block it. Splash damage is the bane of Brigitte :3

Same here,the shield is not doing right.

This is intentional.

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I think the problem is the narrowed lower part of her shield. Depending on her standing position her legs sometimes aren’t covered by the shield.

For normal fire I’d say that’s a acceptable downside, for explosions though it feels really unfair to be killed despite reacting in time just because your basic movement inputs caused 3% of your hitbox to be in line of sight of the explosion.

I think he is talking about things like that.

I’m not sure, but I think it’s cause of her jump animation. It’s increases her hitbox.

Watch this:

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I’m talking about direct central hits on the shield going through and still hitting you. That mustn’t be intentional, otherwise what’s the point of the shield?

The bomb example you gave is another similar problem.
Why did the shield not block there? There is certaintly something wrong with the shield.

I know what you mean! Just had a junk fire dead center on my shield and both the shield and I took full damage as if it wasn’t even up. Very annoying.

I have played a lot of brigitte the last few days and I have to agree, Junkrat and Pharah just seem to delete her, shield or no shield. I swear at one point a junkrat bomb over 10 yards away killed me. (though I am willing to accept that one was not what it seemed like)

She can normally hold her own but the minute there’s any kind of explosion she goes from 250 to 0 hit points before you can blink, even with a shield up.

It really does seem like it is not working as intended.

This was partially fixed in the latest patch as well as the new PTR patch.

I still get hit by pharah rockets even if i block them on live servers.Let’s see how it goes after the PTR patch goes live.

Well yeah, the bug fix is being tested on the PTR

It was supposedly fixed on the current patch, but they are patching it again on PTR.

Multiple bugs I guess.