Brigitte Shield Bash Nerf is a MUST


I agree with so much of this.

No character deserves to be Doomfisted, Roadhogged or whatever Mercy turned into.


Look dude, I land lots of sleeps. And it’s a lot harder than shield bashing anyone. Don’t compare them. Different things. Also not everyone is Jehong. In fact, only Jehong is Jehong.

I’m sorry we have a difference in opinion, but I just don’t believe you are being reasonable at this point. An ability that can come up twice during most transformation/channeled ults and stop/hinder them is broken imho.

Genji’s dash also does not stun, for example. Be smart about your shield against Tracer, I’m sorry but Brig has enough tools to combo tracer to death given you land your stun, which is not hard, that shield is big af. If you miss, it’s your fault, you have to concede being outplayed. Tracer’s most forgiving ability is on a 12 seconds cooldown and if you’re smart enough, you’ll get her to use, during which time you’ll most likely will have had 2~3 more bashes even on a 8 seconds cooldown. Whip is on 4 secs. Melee is free. Bash + melee + whip = dead tracer.

Brigitte is built around her Shield + Heals. Not stun. That’s a crowd control ability. I understand why many people feel that way, since a very powerful ability is on a 5 seconds cooldown though.

Whip shot ain’t difficult to land, I don’t know what to tell you. Practice more, sorry.

I’ll agree we may have returned to hook 1.0. But remember that another character being broken is no excuse to overlook other broken characters. And Brig ain’t broke, just her bash!

Mercy is in a great spot right now, she’s funnier than ever and has insane survivability. Most reliable healer, insane pick rates. Doomfist was poorly handled, I agree. But Brig’s kit is very different from DF, a 8 sec cd on bash wouldn’t break her to pieces, just make you be smarter about using it. Like a certain flashbang ability…

Thank you for replying.


I’m not a big forum poster… but yeah, playing against her is a drag. She does seem OP.


Not OP. More like annoying. She may be a little too powerful on 1v1 sits just because her bash comes up too much.

She’s definitely “handable.” But a bit unbalanced rn.


Why not be aware that a Brigitte is still alive to cancel out your ult rather than throw it out Willy Nilly


so you havent enjoyed overwatch since it came out yet you’re still playing it?


They already nerfed it if you actually looked at the batch notes you would know.


“I can’t ult unless I’m in melee range of the enemy.” Honestly Brig or no, people would just kill you during it anyway if your positioning is that bad.


Yah but those are all skill shots. Brigitte shield bash literally takes no skill because all you have to do is get close which is super easy for her. at least with Hog and Ana and doomfist it a skill shot. Sombra can be interrupted.


That’s a ridiculous argument. That’s like saying Symmetra is op because she’s on the objective and you’re not suppose to be within her range.

The whole team doesn’t have to be on the objective.

Brigitte is very strong when within her range but she’s terrible at close ranges when there’s at least 2 people on her. Brigitte has definitive strengths but she also has some very exploitable weaknesses.

She’s also very team dependent. She just doesn’t work with a lot of comps, at least from the time I’ve played her


Umm, how about she can’t heal herself? So you just kill her, and if the second enemy healer isn’t looking after her shes toast.

Moira and Brigitte are meant to shift the meta, and make it so there are more options that just the same heroes. It would make sense that you can’t dive on a healer meant to counter dive…

She has counters, and if you can do damage to her or separate healers or what have you. She is meant as a mid range character and the shield slam is both defensive and offense, because if they use that or miss with it than they are hosed and can’t do anything for a few seconds.

Just like if you group together on moira’s orb instead of being lone wolf genii they don’t do as much damage. Yes there will be balance changes, but there is a reason they are doing this, its so every match does not consist of tracer genji winston dva etc


3 on milion of players. Good enough, no?


Guys, you all seem to be forgetting one thing: Brigitte is a SUPPORT character.

That means she’s supposed to have a supporting role, yet she can arguably tank more than some tanks, like Zarya, and she has one of the best ways to burst someone down.

Now, the tank issue can be somehow accepted, as she’s meant to be a support-tank hybrid, but her combo…

Let’s go back in time. Back when Hog’s damage was nerfed, the devs said something along the line of “a tank character is not meant to have this offensive power”, which is why they intended to keep Scatter Arrow alive, because Hanzo is a DPS character, meant to have offensive power through the roof. So, from a developer point of view, it was acceptable for a character to have a hit-kill combo as long as it was a DPS character. We have Doomfist’s Rocket Punch on the same basis. Even so, they are also removing Scatter Arrow from the game.

So how come it’s okay for a SUPPORT character that can already flex to a TANK role to also have a DPS-only capability?
And let’s also add, Roadhog and Zarya are essentially bruisers (Zarya actually is classified as a Bruiser in HOTS), which are tanks meant to deal damage instead of directly protect their allies, so that makes Roadhog a TANK that flexes to a DPS role. And still that wasn’t enough to let him keep a hit-kill combo.

And let’s be reasonable, her combo is the easiest one to use by far. Pretty much no aim required, hardly any map awareness needed, and you don’t even have to go hunting for kills because you’re a SUPPORT.


We’ve reached an interesting point here.

People aren’t actually reading what others have said, which is clear by the numerous replieds of “chill, she’s been nerfed on PTR”, after it’s been stated several times that the PTR nerf is not the nerf we want, nor the nerd we need. The point being, we’ve addressed the PTR nerf, and people keep bringing it up like it’s a new hot topic.

The same seems to remain true when it comes to other hero abilities that can stun. It’s been discussed many times now.

In the end, I think we had more than enough heroes before Brigitte came along that had the ability to cancel abilities or ultimates. I do think her shield bash is low risk and difficult to avoid whenever she’s attacking, or whenever she’s on the point (the prime place to use your ultimate). It’s too easy for her to close a gap, even when ulting from a distance, and pounce on you, wrecking your ult. I do not think that a higher CD will complete destroy this hero.

Blizz has a history of cranking out new heroes that are OP at start and then scaling them back shortly after. Not every hero is like that of course (I know some of you are already scrambling to point out the lackluster of Sombra and Orisa at launch), but it has happened enough times by now that I’d be more than willing to believe the same is true for Brigitte.

The only way we ever get the changes we want is by letting Blizz know. I think that if this ability is going to remain in the game, it needs at least a 8-10 second CD, or take away the stun ability, swapping for a different affect instead.


I think that the distance and speed of her shield bash should be toned down.


Hey! Remember when you kept trying to tell me Brigitte wasn’t OP? That she didn’t need a nerf and that people just needed just needed to… what was it?

Well here we are, straight from Geoff Goodman himself.

Oh, and my absolute favorite part!

Oh snap! :smiley:


You necromanced this thread just to say ‘‘I told you so.’’

That’s pathetic.


So is your commentary, which keeps my post in the spotlight.


Sure, whatever you say bud


I want the bash distance nerf, not cooldown nerf though