Brigitte Shield Bash. Intended?


You can still shield bash rein in the front when he has his shield up. It’s when you get to a certain range where your shields are overlapping you go through him. Is this intended? It seems pretty iffy if it is.


Perhaps it’s not ready yet.


I might not like the hero, but the no travel concept has me confused. She can no longer travel with it? I can accept the barrier immune concept, but the travel part does take away her character which I do not favor.


it means she doesnt travel past the enemy shield she hits (like bumping into a wall)


I feel like she shouldnt be able to go through the barrier to stun him. Feel like the gap between him and the barrier is too large


Brig still “bashes”, but shields make make it so she travels 0 distance. If her shield would hit a target without moving, it still stuns them anyway. Add latency and multiple characters moving at once, and I’d imagine you’re going to have Doomfist 2.0 when it comes to buggy interactions.


My question is who is this nerf for? Tracer? Genji? Players who don’t want to swap off their favorite?


Main tanks, mainly Reinhardt


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Yeah this seems odd to me. It should be a complete stop at any distance.