Brigitte PTR Survey


As we continue to fine tune Brigitte, we wanted to get a bit of extra feedback from our players. So, during the PTR, we’ll be randomly selecting a limited number of people (who have participated in the Public Test Region) to receive a short survey. The survey should only take about 5 minutes to complete and will not ask for any personal or sensitive information.

If you’re interested, here’s how you can participate:

• Make sure that you’ve played for at least 30 minutes in the Quick Play queue on our Public Test Region.
• Make sure that your account is configured so that you receive emails from Blizzard.

How to configure your account to receive emails:

  1. Login to your account on the site.
  2. Navigate to your Communication Preferences under Settings.
  3. Make sure the box next to “News and Special Offers from Blizzard” is checked.

We look forward to your responses and hope you’re enjoying Brigitte!


Whoah. This is definitely new


Ayy hit me up with that survey blizzfam


I would love to take the survey, have been playing with her quickplay quite alot, trying out counters and seeing what shes strong and weak against, 4 golds per match sticking with team and not running off, playing her as a support etc


Sounds neat. Hopefully this’ll get rid of the meme of “ptr is only bugtesting” and the responses are taken to heart.


Me likey!



I would be really interested in taking this survey!

I hope you guys do this with Sombra right now in game.


Shame you can’t opt to do the survey yourself if you meet the criteria. I’d take it instantly if I could.


IF we can get a popup animation around her aura’s (& lucio) on the edge, I think that would be a nice QoL change…

Below is a link to a image I’ve gone and made for you and the design team to take reference too.

  • i.imgur. c0m /rsFXM76.jpg

Awesome! I’m sure i’ll be qualified after all the time I intend to try spend on Brigitte these coming weeks :smiley:

Sure I’m down for this.

Definitely a good direction for things too

You shouldn’t have to sign up for a survey and questionnaire just to giver feedback. That really just shrinks the feedback pool and gives less accurate data.

You don’t have to sign up - it selectively emails PTR players.

I think the survey is blizzard’s way of focusing feedback on those who actually have spent a lot of time playing on PTR, rather than someone complaining because of a youtube video without any actual playtime.


great idea. love the fact you guys are actually actively listening to our feedback

This is a brilliant chess move.

Count me potentially in :slight_smile: