Brigitte overnerfed?!?

A recent patch has completely nerfed her damage from 50 to 5, I have a hard time believing that wasn’t a mistake, I could see a 50 to 40, maybe even a 50 to 35, but going from 50 to 5 has literally removed her ability to kill anything. Heck even Mercy does more damage now. With Baptiste now in the game she is completely useless.

What makes matters worse is she is now no longer a back line defender, ie, I can’t stop a Tracer, Reaper or Genji from raping our other heros or dps… What is Brigitte’s purpose???

/rip Brigitte


  • Shield Bash
    • Damage reduced from 50 to 5

Yes, she’s been gutted in an attempt to kill Goats, and now cannot perform at all in a 2 support comp.

Completely ruined the hero.


Brigitte is a pivotal hero.

She doesn’t have to kill the hero herself, but she can still pivot a potential death. Health pack someone, shield bash over to them, and get a good primary fire + whipshot on someone.

+150 healthing or overhealth. AoE healing over time, and 110 damage done to someone.

You can 2v1 someone to death rather than have to try to 1v1 someone yourself.


There was a rally nerf you missed that changed all her armor to temp so it isn’t the most recent

Also mercy has always done more damage than brig if you include headshots most mercy’s won’t touch their pistols since someone needs healing

You’re a little late to the party lol, this was some time ago


Uh you know what I do believe she was nerfed a bit too much especially since GOAT’s problem in my opinion is damage and sustain vs armor. I do wish she’ll get proper buffs once GOATs finally fizzles out.

That said, she is very strong as she is and the nerf to her damage is much healthier for the game on a stun like hers then 50. 5 is a bit much but it shouldn’t have been anymore then 25 imo

she is a tanky support. if you want to burst dmg someone, go dps.


OP is probably using internet explorer.

Anyway she got rally nerf and indirect nerf (armor nerf) too.


She was created to dunk on Tracer/Genji. The burst was a huge part of that.


She was created to help her team dealing with dive.

Doing it all on her own is not “helping her team dealing with dive”


The problem isn’t that she got nerfed hard, the problem is that she got nerfed hard AND people are still moaning about how it’s not enough…


Don’t forget, on top of THAT nerf they ALSO reduced the effectiveness of armor in general :frowning:

You’re really late on this one…

Brigitte didn’t need the damage, she’s already a fantastic healer and tank. She can also still defend the backline, because the damage from her stun combo is still high enough for most dps heroes to run away. But most of the time you won’t even need to use the stun, because Repair Pack is the most reliable healing ability in the game.

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ONE more swing to kill 200 hp heroes. O-N-E.


Yes. Brigitte was gutted because the average and/or casual user cannot fathom how to beat her reliably, and so that Tracer could shine once again in OWL Season 2 without being instantly deleted. (that’s a bad viewing experience) For some reason, people don’t quite understand how to beat low skill floor heroes who also have an intermediate skill ceiling.

In fairness, anyone with a fair amount of experience with the game should’ve been able to identify how overpowered Brigitte was on release, despite being exactly what the game needed. Everyone loves being powerful though, so we collectively decided to keep quiet during the PTR phase and let the complaints begin once she hit Live.

Brigitte is quite incapable of doing anything alone now unless she’s using Rally. IMO Brigitte is only viable as a backline defender (babysitting your 2nd support hero), or as a piece of a GOATS comp. Use her for anything else and you might as well be throwing because Lucio would be a better pick for initiation.


Brigitte was solely balanced for use in the Goats composition, which is why she performs poorly in anything but Goats.

Outside of goats her performance is poor as a healer, so if you run brigitte you have to run as three healers.
She takes the slot of a dps or tank, so most of the time you are better off with something else.

This is a really bad way to balance a character and I think she is due for a rework.


Not ONE more swing. It’s +two swings against a Tracer because Bash was not nerfed to 10, nor was Whip Shot buffed to 75 to compensate for lack of damage output in the Tracer Combo.

It’s also changed the standard Bash combo from slash-bash-slash-whip to

slash-slash-slash-bash-slash-whip to have any meaningful impact on a 200hp hero or convert that Bash into a kill.

Against 250 HP targets, the full combo requires 5 slashes, a bash, and a whip now instead of 4 slashes, a bash, and a whip so it’s a marginal increase in TTK, but against 200HP heroes this change effectively doubled the amount of time it takes for Brigitte to solo kill any 200 HP hero.

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The funny thing is that her healing for 2 support is fine. However, that requires the player to be quite on top of those whip shots and in proximity to land them. This usually require a close knit team such that Brigitte is not the only thing for people to fire at.

Confuse the enemy team by giving them multiple threats to shoot at and at lower tiers (platinum is low tier here) this confusion usually gives her enough freedom to do quite a lot.

Most people are actually quite bad at Brigitte I feel. They have no concept of when are good times to engage or when they have to back-off.

You can try running something like Zenyatta or Lucio over Brigitte, however most of the playerbase are too bad at the game to use their projectiles to good levels and most teams too uncoordinated to make the best use of speed boost and discord prioritization.

Therefore, this is where Brigitte’s extremely simple playstyle and powerful effects come in handy because most teammates can take immediate effect off aoe healing, stun opportunities, burst healing, and a shield to get behind at times. You can fumble with zenyatta/lucio and screw your team over. You can fumble with Brigitte and still come out ahead.

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You just now noticed this patch? This has been around for months I believe.

Also no, it was to give Tracer some semblance of counterplay to Brigitte.

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Currently: 35+35+35+5+35+70 = 215

Before: 35+35+50+35+70 = 225