Brigitte on Release day... Are you that guy? 🛡

Theyll learn when someone from GM or OWL uses her in a fashion that people can copy from. Until then, people are gonna play her in all sorts of weird ways :<


While true, Brigitte seems to be affected by this more than some heroes. In a more extreme sense, there are other heroes where you can do well on your own even as the team fails, that doesn’t seem very doable with her.

99% of my comp games with any hero in brigitte’s place.

they will never learn


I saw similar posts from support mains when Moira was released. Everybody has the privilege to play the new hero. It doesn’t matter what your “role” is. Just because you main tank / support, it doesn’t give you priority to play the new hero over anybody else.

When Doomfist and Sombra were released, I saw plenty of tank and support mains insta lock them. Let people try out the new hero and see if they enjoy the playstyle or not. You’re not entitled to play Brigitte first before a DPS main just because she is a support hero. The devs made her for the entire community to enjoy.


They did respond to why genji’s hitbox is the way it is. They tried matching his hitbox to his character model, but it felt really bad.


Pfft a healer complaining about healing, imagine that. I only got to play Brigitte a few times yesterday, but I got a card for healing after one match (~3,000, pretty piddly) while all the other Brigittes I’d seen get cards had them for assists and elims and all that stuff. I was proud of myself since I’m a support main and I live off getting recognition for heals, but I thought that was kind of odd with her and chalked it up to everyone else being terrible. (Enemy team had a Moira, come on!) I was also solo-healing, but we had a Symm and Torb, Zarya, and my friend the “Honor and Glory!” Reinhardt I kept trying to chase down everytime he charged so I could heal+cover him/whipshot/shield bash people while he got his bearings. It was tons of fun. :smile_cat:

Can we experience the same in Competitive… now? I mean, there is now point to delay this for almost 2 months.

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So you was the Bridgete that kept dominating in free for all death match!? I knew something was suspicious, but never thought you would go incognito!

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I’m just going to play whatever I want as usual.

Thank you.

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Surprisingly enough I find people instalocking Brigitte and other Supports; even Reinhardt. Just for now, at least.

They addressed it in the past as how they don’t want to make feel like doomfist and that wanted to make it fun for both genji and the the person he is facing and at the end of the day don’t shoot when he is reflecting

seeing a dev respond so casually and similarly to an ordinary community member is like seeing a teacher outside of school


I’m taking this opportunity to play Sym ALL I WANT and play heroes I never play like Widow and McCree. If someone else wants to be “support” then by all means! Brigitte has to damage to heal anyway.

Even Papa Jeff is subjected to this…


Their justification for keeping Genji’s hitbox the way it is is really bad. Nobody is asking for it to fit the character model, it can have a decently wide radius. But right now there’s no real way to know where it ends, and it has a grace distance in front and behind so he can deflect through walls floors. You can say don’t shoot at it, okay, but where are its boundaries? I can’t even shoot at the people behind him and a decent distance to his right or left? Last I checked Genji wasn’t Reinhardt.

They fixed Roadhog’s hook when it pulled people through dimensions, and didn’t care when his hook became useless for quite a while, so I don’t see that reason enough to justify why they haven’t shrunk it. At least get rid of the grace distance so a move has to actually hit where his hitbox is, not before it.

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Every single Dev comment is interpreted as some kind of covert justification for something someone is upset about.

Jeff: ‘I had pancakes today and it was really enjoyable.’
Community: ‘Was that some kind of backhanded comment about how Mei is still in F-Tier while Genji’s deflect is still OP BROKEN?’


Man, replies like this always make me smile and laugh. It feels good knowing that you actively play your game to make good professional decisions. Even though it IS YOUR JOB, you are still awesome.
Reminds me a lot of m’Dad. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s a very weak statement.

I simply play DPS because I enjoy it and want to play it and I will play Brigitte because I want to play her. I have no ulterior motive of wanting to enslave other players and make them play tank and support for me like many believe DPS mains do.

In quick play I don’t even care what the rest of my team picks. Everyone should play what they think will bring them the most fun in QP.

This is some low key shade from Jeff. I like it.