Brigitte on Release day... Are you that guy? 🛡

It is not an argument. Relax…

But there are a lot of over extending flanking dps moiras who neglect healing too much. they do not understand that healing party members can be more dps and push than trying to do it yourself.

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Tune down that time requirement and you have a pretty good plan.

Brig is going to be like that brand-new ride at an amusement park: The line is going to be long, and not everyone’s going to get to ride. People are going to have to be patient if they want to play as her, as only one person per team will get to do it (except for some custom games).

honestly, if they do insta lock her, then at least someone will be willing to play second healer :wink: she can’t solo heal, but she’s great with most other healers.

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“You know what, I haven’t played Mei in a while”.

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I get similar games, but not very often. I usually get triple dps and either solo heals or tank.

With that being said, I seriously can’t see Brigitte used as dps. I can see some trying to use her as a tank.

The way I see it, this will be like most of the other new hero releases - someone’s gonna insta-lock the new hero in every QP game, and I’ll barely get a chance to play her (without doing the same myself.)
But I’ve had plenty of time being relegated into Support because thats what the team needs, and plenty of time having to take on the Tank role for similar reasons.

Lately I’ve taken to playing Hanzo, mainly for the lolz or from when teammates become abusive, and I’m certainly no good at him but I do have my lucky moments. So I think when Bridgitte goes live, I’ll either pick up a proper DPS character to learn, or take another shot at playing Ana again. :slight_smile: (No pun intended.)

That… is an awful lot of hours you’re expecting people to have!
You’re expecting players to have over an entire week’s solid playtime (like, 24hrs/day x7, and then some extra on top) before they can access Competitive mode.

Hell, according to my profile on, I’m almost lv400 and have 45 hours on my main.

Those 200 hours (ignoring roles) are the amount spent on my top 13 most played heroes. If we include the roles requirement, my lv399 account would be forbidden from playing Competitive - certainly until I’ve sat at my computer for thirty-two hours.

I get that you want people to be flexible in what they’re able to play, but please stop and think about what you’re asking of others.

Besides, do you really want to risk having a trio of Doomfist+Torbjorn+Winston+Symmetra mains on your Competitive team?
Because while it absolutely does manage to fit your criteria, I’m pretty sure that particular combination of player(s) won’t enhance your victory chances in the way that you’re hoping. :-p


I mean I’m a tank/support main so Brigette is right up my alley.

Yep every other game. “Boy it sure looks like you guys are gonna need a healer.”

You make a good point. I may have gone a bit overboard with the amount of hours I used in the example there. You get the point of what I meant though. Require X amount of hours on each class in addition to the level 25 requirement. It’s why other games out there require individual heroes to be leveled up before they can queue.

I got into a few games recently where I’d be healing 5 dps, so when Brigitte was announced as an off tank healer I was so excited for her. Tank is my secondary class next to healer so I can’t wait for Brigitte to be released. But do agree with your concerns about people insta-locking her on day one (Live servers) and not being able to properly play her or trying to find a way to make her a part of the ever expanding cancer comps.

You know that’s what Brigette mains will be complaining about more than anything else: no one wanting to play tank or healer, forcing Brigette to do both.

She’ll be most-picked in QP in no time.



Tanks and healers are boring. Unless it’s aggressive dva or dps Moira.

Dps and defense is fun. Even if you lose you’ll still have fun.

You guys ready for the week 1 mini game? Who can lock the newest hero fastest.

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They are really common. I see them all the time even. Hell just last night my wife out healed Moira’s on multiple occasions as Zen which should be nearly impossible.

I’d guess that this will occur only for the first week, tops. For the DPS “playmakers”, she will be very dull. For supports, she will be fun. For tanks, she’s just a mini Rein that heals. My guess is that most people who don’t play mystery heroes, tanks, or supports won’t touch her.

Just so you know I wanna instalock Brigitte like you said, but I wanna work as a team :smiley:

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seryously i want to try brigitte myself but im getting kinda tired of people playing her without any idea how she works and we lose because of that, most people forget this is a teamwork based game, if your current hero pick isnt working is better if you switch to one you are more acostumed to or something your team needs atm, i main soldier and symm but if needed i can go rein or moira.