Brigitte new ult line


Payer-controlled characters like Genji, Hanzo, and Mei use their non-English lines. But yeah, prior to the April 10th patch, player-controlled Brigitte used her Swedish Line like you would hear from the enemy. I am not sure why they switched to the ally line.


True but for the Brigitte player she always hears the foreign voice line. At least that’s how it used to be when she came out first


I think the player hearing ally line for Brigitte is a bug.


But same thing happens with genji and hanzo and Reinhardt and Mei and well other heroes I’m not gonna name them all but it’s normal for other heroes lol


Yeah, I wasn’t sure specifically which heroes did or didn’t have English allied ult lines, so I meant that in a general sense. I do still think that with Brigitte, they wanted to better help discern who’s ulting.

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(Michael Chu) #9

We switched it to be consistent with the other support heroes.

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Sym's Hindi ult line replaced with her English one

Dude go to bed.



make it the other way around i want to hear “warihum quwitak” when i ult someone


Hey, blizzard. Do you think you could do a patch where the player-only can decide what ult line (Ally or enemy) they want to hear? Since there are lines said by enemy characters I would like to hear for myself when I ult like “pass into the iris” or hearing “heroes never die” in german.


RIPP I really loved hearing “Alla till mig!” when I’m ready to charge my team into the enemy.


Oof, When a Swedish hero finally had a good voiceline it gets removed. :frowning:


I like this. Bumping it like crazy.


No longer i love team Mei?


I dunno, I kinda like it being “Rally to me!”

Catch myself saying it with her all the time. xD I couldn’t do that with the swedish version–I’m too much of a potato.


I think it would be cool if the players could decide. Either way, if it had sat long enough, people would eventually adjust, and know who’s doing what. It’s not confusing to know which bri is doing what if it’s always been a particular way… but now, changing it after the fact… is another story.

Personally, I hadn’t noticed, lol


No No, its “No Comp till May!”


What about Genji, Hanzo, Mei or Zarya?


For ults, English lines for allies, foreign lines for enemies and player-controlled.


How about switching widowmaker’s ultimate line to be more consistent with the other non-support heroes.


Is it not already?