Brigitte is doing the job of 2 players, does she need to be chopped in half?


Brigitte needs a tank companion for anti-dive, so Blizzard can safely nerf Brigitte without worrying about the impact of 1 player vs 2 players.

Currently they have, Reinhardt. Brigitte is built more of a complementary feature to Reinhardt. However, because she’s so effective, she does her job too well at protecting Reinhardt, KILLING REINHARDT, and protecting healers from flankers. She has the job of two characters simultaneously, but she cannot exist at two places at once, so they gave her a burst heal. She also does the job of killing tanks far too well with only a small amount of coordination, and she does the job of killing flankers too well in general ALONE.

Not quite sure if they knew she would be so effective at killing Reinhardt or not, but they decided to implement it as-is anyway.

This sort of hybrid 2 job task, results in a type of, chopped utility on this character. Making it so players are forced to follow a far more specific pattern once her nerf changes go through, rather than promoting their original intent. She will be primarily unable to break too far from the tanks due to the ult armor limitations, which is inherently good, however this also limits her ability to shut down flankers in general. Effectively she will simply be reduced in overall usage, and instead of following her original 2 jobs, she’ll follow those same 2 jobs far less effectively and at a higher risk for everything.

Brigitte’s main flaw is, she’s STILL doing the job of 2 characters, rather than one character, even after her nerfs. However she’s soon to be made into a character that does the job of 2 characters 33% less effectively for protection, and 20% less effective for her bash.

What she REALLY needs, is another character added to complement her. Something that works very well with her, other than Reinhardt, so she can have a safe rework of her numbers to shift more towards healing and utility. She needs another… her, just different. Something to chop her into two different characters.

This is just a pile of opinions from someone with too much time on their hands.

Figured I'd drag out a couple earlier Brigitte suggestions that got almost no interest
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