Brigitte healing "buff"

I’m a Brigitte player and I’m ok with the nerfs to shield bash. However, I think the buff to her healing is insulting. BTC says it all in this video:

I think repair pack should heal for 100hp but have a decreased cooldown of 4 seconds. I also think it could activate inspire for the repair pack target.

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I think it would be healthy for the game if Brigitte’s in Bronze have a lower winrate than healers in GM.


The changes to shield bash should fix this.

Remember, in GM you are going against GM players. In Bronze you are against Bronze players. Comparing stats between ranks is not healthy.

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I would like to invite you to click this link, and press Bronze, and take a look at the winrates of all heroes.

And do the same for GM.

What you will notice is that almost all heroes have a negative winrate in Bronze, and almost all heroes have a high winrate in GM.


I myself don’t like watching BTC because I have no idea what his context in the game is. Is he Bronze? Gold? Diamond? GM? Coach? Former Analyst? I’m not saying he is or isn’t wrong. But It is probably only applicable to his ELO. Same way my opinions are only applicable to mine. And it is hard to take seriously when there isn’t transparency.

An increase of 0.667 hps isn’t exactly a (compensation) buff and especially not if Blizzard want her to be more like a healer.

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I honestly have no idea how bronze works. Since you can get out of it with less than 50% win rate due to performance. I am very hesitant to say anything. :no_mouth: But it does show that she is domineering at that elo.

I think downgrading a triple role hybrid, to a dual role hybrid is better for the game.

And they shouldn’t have been a triple role hybrid in the first place.

I also think it’s good and appropriate for annoying CC characters to be a little less than meta. (I.e. Roadhog and Mei)

Was she confirmed to by Orange post to be a triple role hybrid? I think that was always speculation from the player base.

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Who cares what she was intended to be used for. That’s what she was actually used for.

And why she was at frequently picked in comps with reduced DPS heroes.

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I agreed with the Nerf of having her shield bash no longer go through barriers because it’s her role to be anti-flanker and not anti-tank. And I do see why they are going to nerf the damage of her Shield Bash. It made her more like a DPS’er even though she is intended to be a support/tank hybrid.

But I don’t agree with the compensation buff they gave her.

An increase of 0.667 hps is not a good compensation buff to improve her overall healing output. It’s as good as nothing.

I definitely agree with you.

Viable? Yes. Meta? No.
I think it’s healthier for the game if heroes with oppressive kits doesn’t become meta.

And yes, I know Brigitte’s kit is oppressive, but that’s kinda needed for a hero who is designed to be a counter to dive and flankers.

Well, with the upcoming nerfs do I expect the return of dive.

I think ideally the best meta would be one where multiple metas are viable simultaneously.

And currently dive is a bit too weak.

I also think it’s fine if the extremely high skill tiers bias a little bit towards rewarding aim skill.

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I don’t think the suggested change to repair pack would be overpowered.

Maybe it could be increased to a 5 second cooldown if inspire was activated as well.

What do you think about this change?

How would it work with armor? Still give 75?

I think so. Maybe it would decay after 4 seconds instead of 5, but it would decay over 1 or 2 seconds instead of instantly being removed.