Brigitte got pushed down the gutter this patch

A 50/50 is a mixup where you either guess wrong or right. Like if you throw someone in a fighting game now they have to guess what you are going to do next.

Prior to this bad change she wasn’t winning many duels unless she had a advantage or if the player was terrible. If you’re losing to a Brig then you need to adjust on how you play the game, that’s not the hero at fault

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Just used her on PTR. She’s not that bad. More reliable healing. More fluid.

Thats fine. I have a problem with me not being able to play the game.

She wasnt winning as much bc they nerfed her SB damage. My problem are stuns in gneral. I find them to be a really cheap way to deal with things. I mean, I can tolerate it to some extent. Never had a problem with Hog’s hook or Rein’s ult. Cree even has to land a shot at least after the initial stun but this one in particular still feels like a bit much too me.

On the other hand Brig’s stun is a basic ability, its not a skillshot, is extra safe since she is covered by her shield while doing it, and the followup attacks arent skillshots eithwr since her basic wipes the whole screen.

You could argue Whipshot is a skillshot sure but we would have to consider that at that distance, with a static target, and with the flail’s hitbox its not neraly as demanding as other similar mechanics in the game. And thats on top of the easiest most unnecesarily forvgiving hero. She just gets a lot of her value as a garantee. No other hero is that forgiving.

I woukd like her tl be better power-level wise but I would also like to raise her skillfloor. Until that happens I would like her to be F tier forever honestly. I had enough of her bs by the second day she was in the game.

She’s a true support and will probably still be meta, but be far less annoying so I’m cool with it

So I’ve played Brigitte yesterday on the PTR for one Game, she plays completely different and I enjoy it!
I’m not saying it’s perfect but I like to heal even if I can’t close the distance, she’s even viable for helping your team against Genji Ult and even shutting him down with the stun!
Poggers rework so far! Interested to see how it works out!

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Yet you agree that the hero should rot? I automatically connect that with “I want her out of this game”

I’m sorry for that. But it’s unreasonous though, as OW team will nerf a hero if they’re overpowered on release.

I do play other games (I did), and let me be honest… I never received so much hate for being a bad player than I did because I played something that was fun for me… Is that fair? I don’t think so.

I appreciate your optimism, I wish I could agree with you though.

“PTR Brig is fine because I said so”

This phase sums up just about every post i’ve seen defending the changes, not even addressing her poor survivability, low damage, large hitbox, low healing, and poor mobility.

Like how can anyone call a hero who relies on melee attacks to heal like this fine and keep a straight face?


People who hate the hero will call her fine, because they want her to be a main healer.

Because that’s human nature. Anything that most people want to be true must be true and also good and anything that they don’t want to be true must be a lie and also bad.

Ah, but will you be a Brig main? Doubtful, you’ll try new-Brig and dump her for someone that can actually do the job.
New-Brig is garbage, not just at her old style but her new one too. Half of her healing kit is just suicidal. She’s been gimped. Hard.


I wouldn’t have anything against that.

Remember the forums when Brigitte was about to be released to comp? “She’s not OP, just don’t be dumb and walk into melee range”. Pepperidge Farm remembers.

When you have high mobility heroes like Tracer and Genji you need stuns. McCree can flashbang and score more kills[I know he is a DPS] then Brig can. Also with the stun time decrease on bash, Brig can’t do her combo.

When you have a player base that fails to adapt most of the time then it’s easy to get value. When I played Brig I can’t count the number of mistakes the other team made. If I ever brought those up I get the ‘LUL YOU JUST USE A BRAINDEAD HERO!!!11!’ treatment, even on this forum.

Then there’s this mentality that ‘supports have to only heal’, when supporting is not all about that. Brig supported her team by being in the frontlines, while throwing a repair pack and stunning key problem heroes. Plus she peeled for her team if need be.

This change just makes Brig’s paladin-esq playstyle and turns her more passive but she still has her brawler kit… All they had to do was decrease her shield HP to 350~300 and keep the inspire being halved on her while buffing the damage on her bash and letting it go through barriers/shields again.

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Fix for Brigitte heal throws that were too loud. Oh great her tool kit is still for a front line support but her place is less then ideal backline support. But look guys the armor packs are now more silent yay. As of this point i do not care i deleted overwatch yesterday. I will wait till bungie goes to steam from battle net and i will delete my battle account. My advise to all of the participants love her hate her it does not matter. One thing is clear as day which is, she will be useless at worst passive AF at best in the backline specially with that tool kit. So i do not know see you all later perhaps or good luck waiting for anything good to happen any time soon. And do not do the mistake i did, do not spent your live’s single second in a forum trying defend or oppose someone. I can tell this by heart that it is a futile attempt that brings no outcome whatsoever. As a brigitte player who did play nothing but 2-2-2 since she released and before that pharah and before that tracer. Thank you for all the hate and to the devs i am hoping that next time when you release a hero if that said hero fun but over tuned try raising the bar for the other heroes in the roster that way you will end up stopping both the $hitstorm and you will end up preserving what makes that said hero fun. But far be it from getting in front of all the hate or tell you guys how to do your jobs. I am done take care.

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Having the same exact problem, all my characters I like to play either get nerfed into the ground, reworked into hot garbage, complained about or all three.

It is exhausting.


I’m so sorry to hear that. I really hope now that some buffs are coming in the future. And I hope that once that happens you’ll come back.
I really really do hope for a positive outcome but I’m starting to lose hope too. So I understand your choice, but there is still time. Let’s wait a while longer.


She is a healer with no passive healing capability. All other healers can heal without the use of an ability. She doesn’t. She needs to either hit an enemy or wait for her cooldown. She is a horrible healer.

With her shield reduced even further she can’t even get herself to safety. She was supposed to be a healer/tank but she fullfilled both roles barely at launch and with each patch it got even worse.

She was the only healer to ward of flankers from the team. Now she is such a joke. I fear no Brigittes in any mode I play. At launch she was already easy to take down. Now she is laughable.


I hate brig but when i saw the patch notes i was a bit unhappy.
I didn’t think she was broken anymore and this nerf is very weird. Her passive change is good because she is more of a healer now but her health pack thing is very trash right now, or at least i think so i didn’t use it yet but it looks very bad.
I do think her shield should have a little bit more hp like at least 350.
Either that or decrease her shield bash cooldown because if the shield breaks that fast then it is a terrible defense and her hitbox makes her a free kill. So if the nerf her defense capability with the shield then they should at least bring back a little bit of damage capability.


looks at Bastion longingly

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