Brigitte got pushed down the gutter this patch

Happy birthday in advance. :fireworks:

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Personally i would like it if:

The shield was changed to be 600 hp, but instead of a personal shield Brig could deploy her mechanism like Destiny 2 Titan Rally Barriercade. So it would be wise enough for 2 other Ally’s to be able to croach behind it with her. Or if Brig wants a mobile shield, pick up the barrier and turn it sideways so it acts like her live personal barrier but it shifts and dimishes to 350 hp and become it’s normal size again.

Armor packs become a burst healing again, but instead of throwing it right at an Ally Brig could place down the armor pack (Or yeet it over to a certain spot) and have 2 uses for Allies to walk over and gain health and armor.

Whipshot be changed to Brig’s secondary fire, where she charges up the flail and can lash it out at enemies. There would be a 1 second charge buried and a 2 second cooldown after the whip comes back. Though the boop would be changed to just 3 meters from 7 for that.

As for inspire, i would have it like a sym ramp up system. Each 2 seconds of Brig hitting someone would raise her 12 hps to 20, then from 20 to 28, then finally to 36 hps. But her range would probrably have to shorten to 15 meters for healing.

As for the ability to replace whip shot, it would be one that resembles her highlight intros, where she revs up her Mac first and pretty much upper cuts her opponent to disorientate them for about two seconds. It would be a doomfist like charge up with max damage being probably 80 since it would disorientate the screen.

But I honestly have no clue what to think of for Rally.

A meme of an ultimate.

Brig needs more range to her primary.

oh you poor homosapien… No assuming genders okay.

Yeah I don’t know it never really compared to Transcendence or sound barrier to me. Heck I only really find it better than Moira ult and slightly baptiste. But they aren’t really the same to be comparing.

And now it costs 22% more. It’s like one of the advertisements in Best Buy.

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I have a nagging feeling that we will have a patch note soon. But it wont involve Brigitte at all.

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Hey at least Best buy items are worth something :grinning:

I am not sorry.

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None needed. I was thinking the same thing when i was typing :smiley:

Would a change of gaining the armor instantly and having it replenish if lost then be better? I honestly wouldn’t mind a second or two off of the ulti since then it could save characters from sudden burst attacks.

might be. but i rather ult to bring a utility. I do not want this ridiculous topic to rise again ‘‘Brig is causing snowball effect’’

Well i did think of a change for Reinhardt ulti that could work for brig.

The main thing is that it gives 50% cc restistance to knockback and a 30 percent damage resistance from all sources.

But I was thinking about plentiful changes to character to try and make things more fun and fair in the game.

We need to think outside of the box i guess.

Rally = Renamed Phalanx = What it does gives everyone CC Immunity (the damaging ones still can damage), Increase everyone’s speed and gives a minor amount damage buff. It has increase range and height(Pharah) Similar what you suggested.

Or they can just increase the amount of armor it provides to 175 not 150 because the armor’s effectiveness; if everyone remembers; was reduced by 25%. And the duration it stays on the targets for 15 seconds. But the heal and armor ticks are a lot fast so it can be used as a reactionary ultimate as Lucio’s sound barrier.

The only problem with the shield is how close she holds it to her body and the shape of it near the bottom

I need to have a public profile to hate something? What kinda logic is that?

Clearly a lot of people didn’t like her so she got gutted. I happen to be one of them. I don’t need to have any power to be pleased about something.

I wouldn’t care in the slightest. Been playing Hanzo when he still had scatter and was considered a meme and that didn’t stop me neither should it stop you.

What kinda philosophy is this? I’m just kinky lol.

I just don’t get why, sadly, big amount of players in this community, which includes you, act like they do.
Just because an hero is annoying to a player, doesn’t automatically mean he/she has to be removed from game and his/her voice actor must be harrased.

I hate Symmetra so much, but this is the first time ever I am saying it. Because it is absolute nonsense to support nerfing the hero to the ground when he/she already performs bad.

I am not sure what’s the reason behind Brig’s nerfs, but if it is to satisfy people like you, I really don’t know what to think about this game and it’s players.

Tell me one other game, characters of which are being hated so much they are being softly removed from the game. And it’s developer’s employees harrased.
Good luck.


No Im not

Dont even know what those are. Pthe poknt Im making is that you should not have a hero that wins duels by not letting the other player play the videogame. At least not in basic abilities that are not skillshots A.K.A Brig’s SB, Cree’s FB…

Honestly as long as her mechanics remain designed for a 2 year old with parkinson I hope she rots in hell. It is sad really bc I enjoy the concept a lot and think this hero could have been awesome if they had kept her kit more nuanced and interesting and less about guranteed value. It just feels l8ke “Overwatch for dummies” everytime I olay her. Not enjoyable.

Sad thing what they did with her and the game.

I never said anything about either of these things. When someone says remove the hero from the game it obviously doesn’t do anything and they won’t do that. As for harassing her voice actress that’s pretty low and those people are stupid.

People hated Brig from the start because of her design to 1 v 1 most heroes and since the average rank is gold/plat a lot of players had a hard time dealing with her.

The same reason a lot of streamers hate/d Mercy. Very low skill ceiling but high reward. Brig is one of the easiest heroes to play and could counter Genji and Tracer (one of the most favored heroes) easily and people were not pleased with that. It took them too long to remove the oneshot Tracer combo.

I know 4 people in real life that played Overwatch at one point and 3 of them stopped after Brigitte came out. You also saw a lot of threads of people saying they will quit which a lot ended up being true.

People will always hate heroes like Moira, Mercy, Brig, Junkrat, Winston because a majority have a mindset that aim = skill.

I don’t play any other games nor am I interested so I wouldn’t know what to tell you. I played Paladins before Overwatch and people there weren’t any different. A lot tried to hide their toxicity better though but it eventually came out.