Brigitte Gameplay Q&A with Geoff Goodman

How should people playing Brigitte use her Barrier Shield to be effective? Is it supposed to be a personal shield used to only shield herself from damage or is it meant to be used to help protect allies, such as supports, by standing in front of them?

People here will be frustrated with any meta that doesn’t include their favorite hero, which will always be someone.


How do you handle pro feedback?

Why Can’t D.Va’s mech crouch?


How will Brigitte fare in the future Torb meta?


Yup It’s going to be dive or tank… always its just the nature of the game and players.

read comments in this post u will understand…a primary melee ability with no cooldown is what I am talking about
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I do have a question I feel is really important: Do you guys think we could speed up balancing a tad bit?

As it is right now we basically get new heroes either teased or released at about the same rate we get significant balance changes…


Good stuff! I am thankful you try to predict meta shifts, and I look forward to the Reaper buffs!

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I’ve heard many people say Brigitte is very underpowered in certain circumstances, have you made any changes to her after the PTR?

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Who is on the balance list currently?


I think whats super exciting is we’re not actually sure! Certainly she was designed as a support, but she is flexible enough to be played as a off-tank at least. Maybe she could be played in a comp like Rein/Brigitte/Reaper/McCree/Lucio/Zen. We can’t wait to see what people will do with her.


Do you have any plans to change the charge < shield bash < rocket punch = charge interaction? I think that it would make the most sense if bash+charge or bash+punch was a dual knockdown, just like punch+charge.

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This makes me happy. This really does make me happy.

Thank you Geoff.

Also, Brigitte is an awesome addition to the game. Her kit is fun, her design is great and she has an amazing lore. Well done.


Between the kits of Brigitte and Moira it seems like Overwatch continues to shift further away from being a shooter and more towards something MOBA-esque. Is that something the team actively takes into consideration with future heroes?

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If you ask me, Mr. Goodman, Ana could really use a mobility upgrade of some kind. She can’t really get into as many good spots as others and can’t have a good angle for healing.

I don’t understand this, someone please explain

Why not rework the healing- try some interesting changes that might make her less suited for slow tank-heavy-play and more of a generalist so she could have a better chance of fitting in for more people in more games, as a strong main healer? I know I hate having to shoot the same squishy three times for them to be fully healed so I can move on to my next target.

We know her weakness to it(dive) isn’t about mobility- Zen has none and is easier to hit but he is the staple support. One might say because his utility, discord, has no cooldown. So maybe experiment with a weaker sleep or nade on a lower CD?

One of the major weaknesses I have yet to see a dev address about her is the absence of sustain that isn’t attached to bionade, considering how strong bionade is. Every healer has an easy to access or relatively quick way to get their own health back without wasting an ability on themselves. Moira leech, Lucio passive, Zen shield, Mercy passive, and Brig will have her passive albeit that one is a bit more strict than the others.


Both Moira and Brigitte had very early prototypes near each other actually. There was a time where we just really felt like we need to add more healer options to the game asap, so we got to playing around with different prototypes and mechanics. In fact, Brigitte (who we just called ‘pally’ internally) was the one that first started with Moira’s Biotic Orb ability (though she only had the heal part of it). Initially Brigitte’s prototype was sort of… ‘lets see if we can do a healer who only healed via powerful cooldowns’, so thats where the bouncing heal ball started.

Eventually we wanted to push the tank hybrid angle much more which lead to her Inspire passive and armor ultimate. We weren’t even sure, originally, that it was going to be Brigitte or just some new character that has yet to be seen, but once her kit started coming together it really felt like a perfect fit.


With release of Moira and now Brigitte, and with such game changing, exciting ults they have, do you think Mercy’s ult as is leaves a bit to be desired especially in comparison to Rally’s armor boost and Moira’s long range burst heals?