Briggetta Passive Ability

Im a Briggetta player and I just notice Briggetta’s shield bash nerfed from 50 to 5, Im ok with that. However, could u buff the Inspire? Currently her passive ability almostly only benefits to herself. Blocking dmg by her shield can also trigger the Inspire and when her shield is down, her allies will restore 30hp/s from the Inspire while herself remains the same. Cancelling the distance limit is a pretty good buff. May stop nerfing the dmg and nerf the Rally, the armor created by Rally will disappear after 1-2 minutes so that good Briggetta players can rally frequently and provide armor constantly while bad players can’t. If opponent Zenyatta and Zarya team up with Brig, they become completely different heroes and u have to choose Brig too, so the Rally is the main problem. The ultra cost should mainly come from healing instead of dmg. BTW, I think that some slight nerf to Ana and Moira will be critical to Goats. Ana: 70 dmg but 60 healing per shot, 4s slept time, 200hp healed by nano boost, Brig’s repair pack wouldnt be affected by grenade; Moira: 35hp/s dmg on enemies 14m or more distance away from her (no effect on replenishing her biotic energy). Sometimes my moira can achieve 3 gold or 4 silver if the teammates are too useless. I feel good when playing Moira and Brig, but I believe slight nerfing them will make the game more balanced.

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just saying

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That is nothing.

1 extra second on a buff that never drops off is worthless.

The math has been done in countless YouTube vids and it comes out to an extra 0.66 Hps, which is nothing at all.

She needs a real buff to her healing, so far it is only nerfs. Just more proof they want her dead to appease all the cry babies out there who have been whining for delete brig since she came out.


show me a brig with more than 55% inspire uptime

yeah duh, an increase in duration on a dot doesn’t increase it’s damage (hot/healing)

this is a real buff, or don’t you think going from 40% uptime to 50% uptime isn’t a huge buff?

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She just needs a few more nerfs now.

If you can’t keep inspire on your team as is you are playing badly.

These supposed buffs are just meaningless crap so they can tell the community they compensated brig for the extreme nerfs

just wait till they’re live and look at average heals/10min of brigs before you judge.

i think you’re wrong and it’s a quite substantial healing buff

I am not wrong, there are countless YouTube videos proving the math.

yeah that’s right, and you can calculate that in like 2 seconds, but it’s completely irrelevant to the inspire uptime and the overall healing buff it brings.

obviously youre not going to have 100% inspire uptime cause you know you are waiting for the next fight?

personally I think blizzard need buff her inspire make always work
(with no time limit)
Then Nerf her “Rally” from 30 aps -> 10 aps.
then return her charge back to original (can through shield, 50 dmg, 5 sec CD)

Her “Rally” is main problem. it just makes impossible to kill her. that’s why she getting massive winning rate.

and people are not 100% in range either, someone like a genji or df just receiving one proc then going behind the backline receiving 100 instead of 80 hp from it is a massive buff

just saying

This change would probably make the 55% inspire uptime increase to 56-57% tops. Brig will generally have inspire up during entire team fights, making the buff translate into an increased duration of exactly 1 second between them.