Brigette is actually blatantly overpowered by the way


Not a counter argument to literally anything. This is just an isolated comment.

Be specific.


It wasn’t meant to be. :heart:


Then you’ve wasted my time, and your time.




Well, I apologize if you feel I wasted your time but I certainly don’t feel I wasted my own. I made myself chuckle, thats enough in my opinion.



Genji and Dva been countered by Brigitte :heart:️? I was specific.


ITT : Gold players crying about Brig. So nothing new.


You didnt say anything about my arguments. Thats not specific. Stop lying.

Is that why overwatch league players are playing her as DPS?

Since you conveniently left that out of you’re quoting of them by the way.


your goal is to headshot, but not even pro’s ALWAYS headshot

if ur lucky u get a 20% or so crit rate (meaning 1 in 5 shots are headshots) with some streaks of nothing but headshots (as mccree/widow atleast)

the point about mccree was hes ONLY dangerous when hitting headshots, he has the lowest range of the 'ranged hitscans"

i love mccree but fighting brig on mccree is mostly just ignore her and kill her team. or sneak up on her and stun fth melee (thats 270 dmg)

soldier is fire at her shield and force her to face you…while your team gets destroyed by the enemys dps tanks and othe support(s)

brig requires 2 much attention alot of the time, soldier cannot break her shield.

where as hanzo can break it in a matter of a few seconds EASILY


Actually her win rate is that high, because no one is willing to switch heroes to counter her.


Well, not much of a room for people to complain now since her stun cd got increased.


They will still complain. They want her gutted by making her a squishy support.


Talking about accuracy without context doesn’t work. There are mitigating reasons why a shot someone takes may not have hit someone (for example, Genji spamming shuriken), and there are situations where your accuracy needs to be 100% or damn close to it (Mercy Rezzing).

In short, how common headshots are in flat numbers is irrelevant. If you don’t hit it, that’s on you.

The minimum range McCree can shoot from without losing damage dropoff is 22m. That’s farther than Brigitte can Bash to and even farther than she can Whip Shot. You have plenty of space to hit her shield with full damage and either destroy her shield or force her to retreat before it does.


Not only that, but she’s a very situational pick.

My winrate with her was at 66% until about a couple days ago. But, I typically insta-lock Brig on character select and switch if the first fight goes badly or I can’t seem to get value.

Sometimes, even if I spent more than a third of the game on Brig before swapping characters and losing, it doesn’t count as a loss for her.


Sure whatever, bud. Overwatch league players have trouble switching heroes to counter. Yea makes alotta sense.

I swear bridg players are coming up with any which way to make it seem like she isnt overpowered. Well, no, this isnt the case. As seen in grandmaster, she is the 3rd picked support in the game.

If you call “Need more DPS” a situational pick, then by all means, but the rest of us will continue to call it as it is. Shes too good to be that easy to play.

What a sophisticated response… No one wants her gutted. Just balanced. People just think a winrate of 57% is a bit ridiculous, if you have an argument, make it, but stop trying to demonize people who want balance changes.


She just got nerfed, we’ll see if it’s enough.


Doubt it, doesn’t stop the ability to do 190 damage. It was only 1 second. Throw in another second, and make her shield take damage for bashing, and mabye we’ll be somewhere.


Brigitte’s winrate in OWL is 50%. And no, this isn’t because both teams used Brigitte. If you break down the stats by fight, Brigitte has actually LOST more fights than she’s won.

In playoff week, Brigitte’s win rate is 73%. Which LOOKS impressive, until you see she’s only been played for THIRTY MINUTES. For referece, Moira has been played about the same amount of time and has only a slightly lower winrate. Bastion has been played 10 minutes less and has a winrate of 73%. McCree has been played half the time Brigitte has and has a 97% winrate.

Looking over the stats per map. SInce Playoffs, Brigitte has only been played in 44 fights, compared to (say) Mercy, who’s been in 408. Moira has been played in 46 fights, and won SLIGHTLY MORE of them than Brigitte did.

Yes, I’m “coming up with” the way the game actually scores wins/losses.

All I did was describe something that occurred, but somehow the character I played is relevant. 'Kay.

There are literally only 6 supports. Meaning she is in the MID TIER of pickrates for support players.

Also, the #1 and #2 healers are both picked SIX TIMES more often than Brigitte. You literally only see Brigitte in 1 out of 6 games in GM when compared to Mercy and Zenyatta.

Cry more.


Interesting counter argument actually. She’s played pretty rarely during the league, but when she is she wins. Which in itself wouldn’t be that big of a deal considering ti wouldn’t mean much… But lets take that into context. Moira is obviously chosen because of her group heals which is funny that her winrate is lower. Even slightly, its lower. Thats a lesser point though, now considering the fact that you mentioned bastion, and mcree.

Now lets look at these characters, huh? Mcree is a high skill, aim based DPS. It only makes sense that he’d have a high winrate. This is some of the best characters in the game, and considering the anti-dive meta, his power is obvious. This meta makes him strong. He wasn’t strong before bread girl, and if shes removed he wont be strong anymore. Its clear that briggy’s existence is keeping him here.

Then you come to bastion, a character with massive flaws that people are thinking need to be ironed out. A character that has to be built around. A character that can easily be messed up, and cause a whole game.

Now compare that to Bridgette, who doesn’t have to be built around, and shuts down half the dps heroes. A character that since launch has been in meta. This is why context matters. Brig doesn’t have the flaws of either bastion or mcree, and has more utility than moira. I’m using winrates not as be all, but as further evidence to prove my point.

Sure ya did. You’re just calling a stun that can lead to the death of a character immediately “situational” which, fun fact… it isn’t. Doomfist, is situational. Brig-Brig ain’t. Sorry I just have a hard time believing that “Bash, boom death” has a specific situation.

As stated above, you’re giving me out of context information by implying that the problem child is anywhere near comparable to dps heroes, who have their own flaws to keep them in check. You give me stats but don’t actually talk deeply as to why those stats are. Its like saying you’re more likely to be attacked by a vending machine than a shark. (point being vending machines are far more readily available.) The stats are fine, just the use that I take problem with.

Which, again is great and all, but thats only because:

A: Mercy is flat out broken at the moment, and no team is going to give up on 60hps…
B: Zenyatta works better for use with the long range fire fight DPS that’s currently in meta, thanks to a certain someone.
PS: top 3 is still bronze. No matter how many characters there are.

Anddd finally the pointless, childish insult I completely saw coming. Its not a surprise someone who thinks this character is currently balanced would also be incapable of having civil discussion, and you were doing so well too!

Guess I should have expected it really. I mean, I tried to have a discussion on the internet lol. Try not to be a baby just because no one agrees with you’re stupid opinion.