Brig ult should reset shield bash

Her ult is heavily tied to shield bash, it should reset shield bash.
This is a QoL change as ults should feel powerful and reliable, not clunky.

Mercy has GA reset on ult.
Winston resets jump on ult.
Genji resets swift strike on ult.
Soldier/Sojourn/Cassidy/Reaper reloads on ult.


I agree. Hate popping ult and not realizing I just bashed so I get to stand there like a clown for a few seconds


You agree but you won’t even give the post a Like lol


Yes it should, but they are unlikely to add it. Brigitte apparently does too well at upper ranks already. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got nerfed again in season 7.

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It sure is a shame this mediocre support just so happens to pair very well with Ana as a peeler, because it sentences her to Ana centric balancing.


She does pair well with Ana, but I think she’s in a better position than most people realize. Her win rate is second highest among supports in GM, and she puts out a surprising amount of healing (5th overall).

Combine that with decent mitigation from her shield and rally overhealth, and she’s providing good overall support to her team, even when not paired with Ana.

Brig pairs well with many.

Ana, Illari, LW, Zen.

Any nonmobile support she’s a nice lil bodyguard.


stop killing ow supports players

More importantly than the bodyguard function, she pairs well with mobile dps and tanks. Tossing a repair pack to a diving Doomfist can give them enough time to secure a kill.

Repair packs are also great for the Widowmaker who’s playing far back or off on an angle. They can stay in the fight and don’t have to hunt for a health pack.

I actually agree, as many transform ultimates do reset the mobility feature ability.


I agree, but I don’t like that I agree. It’s like that thing on Reddit, “angry upvote”.

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I dont really see why we should, You just have to keep shield bash cd in mind when you have ult.

I still can’t believe it doesn’t.


Its just QoL, it feels really clunky, other heroes reset their CD when they ult if they’re deeply connected to the functionality. Ult should be reliable.

Mercy has GA reset on ult.
Winston resets jump on ult.
Genji resets swift strike on ult.
Soldier/Sojourn/Cassidy/Reaper reloads on ult.

With this logic none of this should reset/reload. See if you will have fun having 0 ammo when ulting as soldier, or no swift strike as Genji.


As long as they give that what 5, 10m? of repair pack range back, it’s actually so frequent that I have to chase a team mate too far just to be able to reach them (like for the moments where Im coming back from spawn, that feels so bad not being able to get back in time to maybe save someone with a pack, or your team mate has gone REALLY deep and you just can’t heal them unless you int)

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I guess thats why I’m differing here, I dont think you can say its just QOL when this is just a significant buff. This would let you do things like bash, ult, bash to close more significant distances, especially with ow2 bash distance.

So like, take 100-150 hp off of rally shield then maybe.

Simply disagree. Brig is an extremely defensive support and the meta is hardest in offensive/dps capabilities from supports at then moment (extra pressure from support wins games, such as illari and bap facilitating kills, kiriko flanks, while still healing, and of course the eternal Ana anti nade)

Brig is super defensive compared to them, but excels as a peeler for them while greatly healing her team. That’s why she’s good.

The moment Ana/a heavy offensive oriented support meta is nerfed, brigs mediocrity will be revealed. In her current state she really is only useful in very specific support pairings and offers no meaningful synergy with most dps or tanks. And even when you pair her with illari or bap, the question just becomes “why not being illari bap or Ana?” Because they (except Ana) hardly need peels.