Brig no longer can combo Tracer


So, about Tracer damage. You think this is normal for high mobility character? https:// gfycat. com/EdibleDistantAfricanelephant


I know. People keep defending Tracer on here but its actually pretty ridiculous. Tracer has been unbalanced since day 1.

Now, Brig can’t even kill her.


You are. She will still do her job, and maintain being effective. These nerfs are really only making her more team-oriented, which isn’t a bad thing by any means, considering how independent she could be.


A good Tracer will never die


Well, maybe not “never” but yea, I know what you mean. She might be a very low HP hero but her kit is designed to keep her alive and fix mistakes.

She certainly doesn’t need to one clip people at the forgiving range that she has now


Repair pack is a projectile.


Since they want to increase her healing output to make up for her damage loss, if the inspire healing buff (small buff, I know) isn’t enough, they should increase it more (17 - 20 hp/s) or change repair pack so its healing output is increased.

As for the other previous changes for Brigitte, I think they were necessary. She was more of a tank, than a support, and need more counters other than Bastion.


Oh no, you can’t instakill dva and tracer anymore :frowning: I was starting to like not needing actual skill.


Good. End of discussion.


Her healing is fine for her intented role. Sure, she maybe could use (not need) a bigger buff for her passive, but repair pack is fine, it doesnt need changes.

As for the counters I dont agree. Everything ranged counters her. I had a fun time playing junkrat vs her in the last season(and a 70% winrate).

Her defensive nerfs were not good because her problem was always her burst combo. Proof for this, is that the moment this combo was nerfed, it created a huge impact to the community. Every other nerf didn’t get any serious attention compared to this one.



I have no mechanical skill or a brain and I wanna just swing my mace blindly for 100 hps to everyone near me. LUL


It’s probably because people don’t understand why the shield bash damage nerf was needed. The other thing people don’t realise is that, even with the shield bash nerf, Brigitte is still very dangerous if anyone comes near her. She’s still even more dangerous when she’s with her team or with 1 of her teammates.

The damage nerf should stop players from going on flanking missions with Brigitte or stop players from thinking she’s a tank, when she’s actually a healer, a tanky healer.


I keep repeating this: I am not worried AT ALL about this nerf.