Brig no longer can combo Tracer


Just make her an NPC at this point.


If tracer can’t get easy quick kills because of armor, then her viability and kill potential drop greatly.


Now, have some insane 1000 hp and 1000 dps characger and nerf them8 times with 100. Or would you rather nerf them only 4 times


Yeah, that why they are tracer mains every in the OWL just dumpteriing brig on the regular


Which statistics, the ones after the nerfs announced?

She was fine and counterable before, and what was needed to do was buff other heroes for them to better combat her if that is what the issue was, she gradually lost in winrates in higher elos, where she got countered more consistently, even your Seagull called her a noob stomper more than once in his videos, now what does that say.


I… am actually sort of fine with this, with a few adjustments:

  1. (even slightly more) healing
  2. More health.


Apology accepted, my point was that they were trying to ease her into a good spot instead of like Ana who was gutted for a while


If bizzarra want this stupid nerf to it live they should heavily nerf both tracer and Genji.


I will be fine with this after she receives buffs for healing to make up for the complete lose of the damage combo, if you want her to be a support fine, but make her a support not a broken mess with inconsistent utility and no heals for the team.

The reduction of her shield HP is also unnecessary at this point.


Check overbuff yourself, simple enough


Tracer goes in, oneclips a healer, goes out. If there is a Brigitte, she cant do it, since Brig can babysit the other healer giving her permant extra armor and protection. And also, there is still the chance of getting stunned and taking very high amounts of damage


Not a huge assumption, the comment was worded weirdly. I’ma just say what the devs are trying to do. They are balancing her without wanting to make her worthless.


Noob stompers does not mean a hero is bad.

It means they are good at tearing lower skill players apart because lower skill players won’t use the key skills required to stop them.


I can accept that, but I don’t think she is in a good spot anymore.

She will be the worst support to bring, unless they have a tracer.


She has a lot of health, but could use some more healing.


I checked that all the time before you, where she has balanced winrates in GM or Diamond, with her pickrate being the same as Zen and having less winrate than Zen, and her pickrate being lower than almost 3% compared to Lucio. This looked fine to me, and I was never against the previous nerfs. Not this one, however, it removes her value making her bring nothing to the team which other supports can’t do better, and only even then when the other team has a Tracer who she can’t kill either way due to no damage.


They won’t because they don’t want her to prop up GoATS even more. Adding even more AoE healing to that comp could make it even worse


Also just to point this out, since all the nerfs have been pretty minor, if blizzard judges brig to be too weak they’ll give her minor buffs as well (so we don’t end with something like bastion 2.0)


Except I think they are making her worthless.

I’m all for reducing her damage output, but without compensation she really doesn’t provide a lot to the group.


+s cd to shield bash
+s cd to shield bash
-armor on ultimate
-shield bash through barriers
-damage on shield bash

I guess devs remembered that Tracer is poster child and can’t be harmed (and Genji behind her, crawling)