Brig no longer can combo Tracer

I’m not really sure how anyone could think a support who could face-tank before was balanced.


Yep, Brig is officially dead if this goes live, with no real reason to pick her.


That’s a needlessly major over exaggeration.

But it’s not. With her ability to effectively counter (albeit rather easily, even new players can pick her up and be effective) gone, that support slot will be better served with literally any of the other supports.

More lies.

Now that is impossible. No Tracer will be dumb enough to fall for the first scenario. The second scenario is impossible.

Yes, please!
This plus the “no more stunning through shields” means that it’ll be save to tank again!

Disagree. Skill should be rewarded, and there are a variety of ways to counter play tracer it’s ridiculous, I don’t think people understand that WE DON’T NEED HARD COUNTERS IN THE GAME.

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She’s in the bottom 5 heroes in Bronze and Silver. She actually doesn’t make it into the top 10 in any rank.

This. Truth. Tracer wasn’t the problem with dive, she was just part of it.

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This is a good thing. The game is slowly starting to revolve more around outplaying than getting oneshot over and over until your team complains for you to switch.

Watch Seagull’s video ^^

If Tracer becomes so dominant again and Brig isn’t buffed, then Tracer will eventually receive a balance change. Blizz knew about how dominant Tracer was.


Good lord, what won’t you people complain about?
“Oh great now Tracer is going to be out of control”

Blah, no wonder this game is so wonky, the devs listen too much.

Im fine with nerfing Brig if that means Tracer gets a nerf. A real nerf. To her kit. Like a bigger spread or shorter range

The combo deters tracer from getting close.

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Which was the whole point of Brig to start with. To protect the back line. Brig was a flawed design from the start though. The game needed Brig but the problem started because she was good against more than just Tracer

Brig needs to be balanced to be a main healer or another option to Lucio that just has more survivability with still being able to be very strong against flankers like Tracer and Genji without being strong against tanks and everyone else

Its a challenge. I get that. But if you can’t figure that out, then delete her.


The best way to do this is just NERF THE DAMN FLANKERS already. Again, they have been an issue since day 1. Just nerf them and all the problems go away. Good players will still be effective but they will just be weaker to other heroes that are strong against flankers like Brig

Why is this so hard to understand for so many people

Sounds like a game for a select group of people.

You act like Tracer wasn’t the problem from day 1. Are you new?

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That doesn’t mean your allies can’t gang up on tracer. Just the mere threat of getting stunned by a brig is threat enough to keep tracer at bay.

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Exactly. We wouldn’t even be in this mess if they just fixed flankers from the start.

Brig was literally created because they didn’t want to nerf them

No i’m not, it’s literally 100% impossible to hit 2 primary fires a melee and a nade after sleeping a tracer without her recalling/getting away. Like that’s not even a combo. The combo has to be done in succession that is 100% possible to do 100% of the time for it to be a combo. Just like Brig stun, left click, whip shot and the Ana sleep, left click, nade.