Brig no longer can combo Tracer


Mass whiners? Pretty sure the Doomfist nerfs that come along with it show that this simply isn’t the case. A lot of people who play McCree, Ana, Zen, Bastion etc wanted more counter play to Doomfist’s ult.

And the counter play we got? Well now you have a better chance of walking out of the one shot radius, you still don’t escape the full thing though.


Well, Inspire is being buffed to compensate:


Easy? With laughable heal which works only when commiting, no consistent utility, no damage on combo which was removed, all while leaving her defenseless if she wants to heal because her shield is down. Rally not be consistent against anything but Tracer, Genji bursting though it and killing her and her entire team unlike when you take Zen or Lucio in.

I am hoping this is a typo, because this is complete overkill on her role.


member when brig was created to satisfy the crys about tracer?


She’s almost as annoying to play agaisnt as Sombra and Doomfist…


80 healed over 5 seconds is 16hps, 100 over 6 seconds is 16.6667.

Big buffs, people!


That’s a nice combination of changes. If they get her 600 HP barrier back too, brig will be in the perfect place.


For perspetive, this increases her actual HPS by 0.66667. So basically, none at all. The only significant change coming from that is she should have slightly more uptime on Inspire.


Not anymore.

Her passive heals for 16hps.
Her armor is on a cooldown.







Sheildbash isnt how she counters tracer. Sheildbash is avoidable. Her armour is what counters tracer. Her sheild, her presence.


They will never nerf Tracer. The pros and streamers like her too much. Tracer doesn’t even deserve a nerf, she had a counter. But now that Brig is destroyed, dive may come back to life. This will make a lot of people happy.

The only thing that bothers me with Tracer is that her recall is never punitive when you accidentally recall to a moment you were low HP.

Tracer can recall after being healed and she would still keep the healing she received before recalling, which is not how the ability was intented to be, right ?


Tracer got nerfed at the same time brig came out. They nerfed her Ult


anyone hit by her combo is 90 or less health if they are 200 hp. they will have to leave the target they were after. Countering doesn’t mean killing. it means stopping them from doing what they were supposed to.


Let’s just be glad that Tracer is only a problem in pro play. I’m not saying that this nerf is bad (They’re actually pretty [redacted]).


You can be just as strong on Tracer without ever using your ult in a game. Tracer doesn’t even need an ult because her kit and damage are so strong.


Tracer’s ult was never really the issue (unless you were playing poor Bastion). It was her general combination of strong DPS and incredible mobility.


It’s no time like flankers have the mobility to escape. Oh wait, they do.


With the smurf problem going arround?
Mrs infinte skill ceeling is a problem for everyone


Yeah if your GM. Most gamers are not GM players.

Plus we have ashe now who will be able to blow her away with the shot gun. Brig still counters her hard with the Armour she pumps out