Brig no longer can combo Tracer


How exactly? By hitting them with her 35 damage per hit flail.


That is just it. You can’t just throw this nerf on top of everything else, because she will be trash at that point. You have to revert some other things.


She never had recently, her damage was already the lowest and her shield bash reduced, she could not one shot anyone apart Tracer and even then additional damage had to be applied or Tracer could outbait her and still kill her using her kit.

It does no damage right now, the combo does 75 damage not 105.


Brig wouldn’t be a problem if they nerfed Tracer.

But they seem really concerned about maintaining “hype,” and tracer is “hype” because she takes “skill.” that’s why they axed stopwatch mode like immediately


Devs clearly have no idea what they’re doing and are listening to the mass whiners. She’s been fine since the 7 second shield bash nerf


F-tier confirmed if this goes live. This is the worst nerf they could ever think of.


That has been apparent for a very long time my friend

*cough Mercy meta cough *


as a tracer main
at least give her more healing, buff her pack, maybe even only qualify this damage reduction against non-armored targets

wonder if they meant to write BY 5


Yes. Brig should never kill so reliably.

Brig should be like this from the start. Tank/support utility hybrid. She didn’t need killing potential, and all the previous nerfs were bad because they aimed at her survivability, rather than her dmg.

I still want to get some defensive buffs or reverts now.


That is so great for outright making her utility inconsistent or unable to counter something she was added for. Much more healing needs to be given to her to even justify her being a support.

Really bad changes, in my opinion. You could have buffed other characters, and they already were, to counter her, she had enough counters already, now she cant do anything to survive long enough when against shields, not protecting backline form Dive, not countering Tracer at all, what is her role in the game now I can’t tell.


So Tracer is finally going to get nerfed?

Btw: Jeff joked about “forum Brigitte” a week ago, and now they’re crippling her. Wut? He knew they were about to break her like she’s Hog 1.0, right? I’m so confused.


This is what I want to know. Maybe its a typo?


whipshot=70 damage

bash will be 5

melee =35 damage

70 +35 +5 =110

I was wrong, but the combo does do more than 75 damage


Unfortunately, it still means she’s going to be pretty bad.


Yes. There is no way around that.


Looks like that Seagull video is making a strong impact. Looks like a positive change although I still do not understand how Brig is able to self heal while hacked and Lucio can not. :thinking:


All that is not reliable at all, Tracer just evades it, both at shields and her kit. She presses Recall, she is gone before the melee damage is even there. The combo does not deal any damage now, stop acting like its still does this is hilarious.


I’m hoping that’s the case.


Honestly, same


Lol that has to be a typo