Brig no longer can combo Tracer

This is why they should have deleted brig all together, at least until they figured something out.
They’re making her progressively worse until she loses the purpose she was designed to fulfil in the first place, why? Because the concept of the hero was heavily flawed from the very beginning. Live brig is a shadow of a her former self at launch and ins STILL being heavily nerfed, it just goes to show how CRAZY overloaded this character was at launch.

They’ve probably learned a good lesson about why hard counters shouldn’t exist but they’re right back being forced towards re-work city all over again. Unless they can find a way to buff brig using her current tools in a way that she can find new utility, she’s going to end up like mercy.
Here’s to hoping for more foresight from the dev team going forward.

If Mercy can be completely immobilized without any way of fighting back when rezzing then other characters can deal with loosing mobility abilities for a second or two while retaining everything else.

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It’s not a stun, it just makes Tracer unable to use blinks and Genji his swift strike. It’s basically to still make Brig a deterrent for high mobility characters while letting her remain less punishing for other characters.


I don’t understand all of these rapid-fire nerfs to Brig other than caving to the “all-powerful forum Brigitte” posts we’ve been seeing lately.

I feel like these changes will make her a bottom-of-the-barrel pick for support. I hope I’m wrong. I don’t have a ton of time on her, but when I do break her out, I feel like I’m making an impact for my team (sometimes small, sometimes large). Protect those squishies from flankers! Get a clutch armor pack on someone! Rally to me (aka “I love Team Mei!”)!

Now I’m wondering how effective and/or consistent Brig will be. I guess we’ll see…:thinking:

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Yes! That’s right! Instead of “skillfully” insta killing a high skill character, you can now instead FORCE her main ability (recall), so she has to be less aggressive or even passive for the next 12 seconds! Wow! Maybe if you’re good, one day you can flashbang headshot her on Mccree!

That’s literally the main issue. You can have virtually no time on her, but be near the peak of her ability. It’s WAY too easy, especially considering how good she is. Mercy had this same issue for the longest time, but at least she didnt 1v1 almost every hero in the game. You actually need aim on Mercy to be able to 1v1 anyone

There is still more to do.

I like the idea of these changes, they reward Brigitte for playing well, landing shots, and catching flankers out of position. If she manages to land a whip shot on a flanker or if the flanker gets too close, herself and all her allies within range will be healed; she can no longer effortlessly and lethally punish flankers. This feels much closer to how she should work, it is also good because it allows her to halt a flank without only requiring the player to roll their face across the keyboard. She has a higher reward for skill dependent actions. This is the beginning of Brigitte’s transformation into a much more skill dependent hero. To make that vision come to fruition, there are still some things about her kit that do not fit well and should be changed.

Brigitte still has another ability in her kit that can easily shut down flankers with very minimal skill or effort, this is her Repair Pack that deals 150 healing and up to 75 armor that also instant heals and locks onto allies. This is one of the most powerful healing abilities on Overwatch with the potential to instantly shut down most attacks every 6 seconds, being one of the most powerful healing abilities on Overwatch it needs to require more than having the player vaguely look at their ally and then press a button.

Make this healing ability a projectile that is thrown, exactly how Torbjorn’s armor packs were given. It is even possible that Brigitte should require scrap to make her healing packs, but since Overwatch is being made into a much more fast-paced game, a scrap requirement could be a bad idea. The healing output of Repair Pack would not change, it will still do 150 healing with up to 75 armor. Changes involve the Repair Pack becoming a tossed item that can be picked up by Brigitte’s allies. The Repair Pack can currently go through shields too, and since projectiles cannot go through enemy barriers, it makes sense not to allow her new Repair Pack to go through them either. Stacking Repair Packs every six seconds in between fights would be extremely broken, so every new repair pack she spawns in needs to cause the old one to be removed from the world.

Changing Brigitte’s Repair Pack to a throwable item will make her require more skill to play, and it also raises her skill ceiling. Normally, if Brigitte wants to heal an ally they need to be in her line of sight, having it be throwable will allow Brig players to heal allies outside of their line of sight with well-thrown Repair Packs.

Brigitte was made with an extremely good concept in mind and I only think that parts of her kit could fit better within Overwatch’s sandbox.

I doubt that so many players want to #DeleteBrig, I think a lot only want her in a better position with respect to other heroes.

This change is a nerf to her easiness and a buff to her potential.

It emphasizes her purpose. And AFAIK from looking at actual PTR play it seems to make her quite harder to kill, something the numbers above don’t really convey.

First of all she is now immune to her own shield bash, something that is apparently quite significant in practical play according to those I know who has tried her. On top of that her self heal goes up when inspire goes up, making her even more durable.

Sombras hack stop skills triggered off a button push. Such as lucios aura. Brigd heal triggers off damage not the actual button press

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You’re right, this will be a fun patch, because now Tracer has some semblance of viability instead of "you’re just straight throwing if you’re going Tracer into Brigitte.

It’s also important to remember the buff to Brigitte’s healing, which is still against Tracer’s favor as most Tracers in the ranks don’t typically burst down or “one clip” their target.

So, about Tracer damage. You think this is normal for high mobility character? https:// gfycat. com/EdibleDistantAfricanelephant

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I know. People keep defending Tracer on here but its actually pretty ridiculous. Tracer has been unbalanced since day 1.

Now, Brig can’t even kill her.


You are. She will still do her job, and maintain being effective. These nerfs are really only making her more team-oriented, which isn’t a bad thing by any means, considering how independent she could be.

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A good Tracer will never die


Well, maybe not “never” but yea, I know what you mean. She might be a very low HP hero but her kit is designed to keep her alive and fix mistakes.

She certainly doesn’t need to one clip people at the forgiving range that she has now

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Repair pack is a projectile.


Since they want to increase her healing output to make up for her damage loss, if the inspire healing buff (small buff, I know) isn’t enough, they should increase it more (17 - 20 hp/s) or change repair pack so its healing output is increased.

As for the other previous changes for Brigitte, I think they were necessary. She was more of a tank, than a support, and need more counters other than Bastion.

Oh no, you can’t instakill dva and tracer anymore :frowning: I was starting to like not needing actual skill.

Good. End of discussion.

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Her healing is fine for her intented role. Sure, she maybe could use (not need) a bigger buff for her passive, but repair pack is fine, it doesnt need changes.

As for the counters I dont agree. Everything ranged counters her. I had a fun time playing junkrat vs her in the last season(and a 70% winrate).

Her defensive nerfs were not good because her problem was always her burst combo. Proof for this, is that the moment this combo was nerfed, it created a huge impact to the community. Every other nerf didn’t get any serious attention compared to this one.


I have no mechanical skill or a brain and I wanna just swing my mace blindly for 100 hps to everyone near me. LUL

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