"brig is dead after nerfs"

yeah right lmao, watching OWL while typing this. She’s still being played in every game

Yet another reason why I am happy Jeff doesn’t look at the forums when making his decisions. Many things on the forums are greatly exaggerated. Remember “echo OP”, yeah right.

Flag me all you want but you know its true, the brig nerfs “destroyed brig and made her a throw pick” according to the forums, and shes still undoubtedly the best support.

yeah explain that to me.

I dont think she needs nerfs, I just want to point out how bad people (including me) predict how nerfs/buffs will affect the game.


xD Owl experience and our ranked experience are totally different , I mean Baptiste is pick very often in Owl too but we can all agree that he’s not that great in normal ranked


That line of reasoning for not listening to the forums works just as well with Genji by the way. “Oh he’s dead now! Completely overnerfed! Worse than before his buffs!” Etc

And while Brig is indeed still in an ok place, it’s clear her identity in the support role is being slowly chipped away since all the unique things in her kit are being removed rather than toned down.


it’s funny cause they buffed her shield. She was alot easier to kill before.

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Yeah so they added 2 extra seconds on her Shield cooldown , lowered the shield regeneration and on the bright side they added 50 tiny hp on her paper barrier

Not a buff , not a nerf but a very bad compromise


OWL is playing with the un-nerfed Brigitte, last I checked.

Not that she’s weak in the current patch by any means, but OWL often doesn’t represent the current patch.


that 50hp makes a huge difference when trying to focus her down, she can just kite after it’s down or pop rally

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oh yeah so now i can take one more tracer shots , wooo ooo


People said Brig was going to fall after Genji gets nerfed and if she doesn’t then they’ll just claim the Genji nerfs are the wrong ones and that he’s still OP propping Brig up as a necessity against him. Neverending dog and pony show.


my point isnt that that OWL proves anything, my point is that very often the majority of the forums are wrong when it comes to balance (because its impossible to predict)


Literally anytime someone gets nerfed “x is ruined…literally unplayable” and it doesn’t matter if it’s a 5 hps nerf or a rather heavy handed nerf, the forums cry wolf all the same.

Similar is true of the opposite too. “Y is buffed, they’ll be so op”.

Replace “Brig” with “Genji”


Imagine making threads about something that happens in OWL and maybe in T500 like its something that affects ALL the playerbase.

In 2020.

So if they play Sombra in 2 maps, Sombra is magically “fine” is it? Cool.


The Brigitte is dead?!?!

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I think she’s dead
What made her unique is not there anymore so
She’s dead on that term
Forums weren’t wrong :slight_smile:


Briggite is Also must pick on gm and Master

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are u master or gm ? If not you doesn’t have to complain about her being a mustpick for the 1% of the playerbase

Meanwhile in ranked… Brigg is still the top support so I guess in some cases they are the same. Also Bap is the 3rd best support right now on ladder…

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Or… most of us brig mains just said it made her more boring and did nothing to fix the actual issue which is her ability to pocket and AOE at the same time meaning she can do lucio AND mercy’s job.

But yeah. Generalise my dude. That works too.


Meanwhile in ranked… Ana is still the top support