Brig is actually the lowest picked healer overall

Can we get a cooldown reduction of a couple of seconds off Armour Packs, so she can actually heal?

I get that she’s obviously not being picked as a healer right now, which is why she’s not used at lower ranks where 2-2-2 still is most prevalent; and people will gravitate towards what’s actually effective for them, and taking her as a second healer simply isn’t, and that creates a perception of her not actually being very good at all.

But when she’s used as a DPS, clearly that seems to work at high ranks, hence the significant pick up of her there.

So I get the direction. And it’s a good one. But her healing aura alone still isn’t very good at much more than topping off, which doesn’t happen out of combat because Inspire stops. And in combat were all mega burst and tank buster level stuff which Inspire simply cannot cover.

So yeah, more emphasis on Armour Packs please. It’s also a more active gameplay element.

That’s funny. In low ranks least picked support is zen, only rank that has least brigitte pickrate - platinum.

No. She’s off support. Her main healing is gradual and should be. She has strong utility to protect backlines. She shouldn’t have strong and consistent “high heals” They should work around these concepts to balance her. Buffing gradual heal is good. Nerfing shield bash - lol decrease cd it isn’t that good to keep it at 7 sec anymore.

I wouldn’t mind if they got rid of her self healing, reduced the aoe and shortened the cool down on the packs. Would put her in the back line where a support should be. She’s way too frontline tanky than support.

They shouldn’t be on a backline.
And if you want her to be “support and stuff” - why you nerf thing thank actually makes defines her as a support?

A lot of people can’t even kill Moira in 4 seconds, do we honestly believe that they can kill an armored target in 5 ?

Oh noes she’s second least picked by less than a percentage point in Bronze-Gold.

You do realise Zen actually has a similar issue as a healer in low ranks? But he’s okay, he has a match saving ult and harmony can actually top players off between team fights.

If they reduce the AOE how the hell is she meant to heal anyone from the back line standing still waiting for someone to come along to hit to proc Inspire?

Do you even understand how her kit works?

i doubt he understands how balance works

She isn’t being nerfed due to her balance, she’s being nerfed due to her awful game design and meta driving.


When everyone is blowing each other up with 120 damage hits anyway, I’m not sure it makes that much difference.

I’d be open to reducing slightly the total healing/armour provided in order to get an increased frequency.

End of the day, she still sucks as a healer, and has never been picked for her healing. This would be a better solution to fixing that than a minor Inspire buff.

Did you actually even read anything beyond the title?

If Brigitte was made less conditional, then this nerf would be far more justified.

As it stands due to the fact that she requires to interact with the enemy for literally any value, it’s gunna be hard to justify picking her as a second healer over Lucio especially, but also Zenyatta.

I think if Inspires uptime was increased significantly, this nerf would be far more palatable. 1 second extra simply doesn’t cut it for losing 90% of shield bashes damage. Something like Armour Packs triggering Inspire for 3 seconds would be nice.

Brigitte has been taking the spot of an off tank as far as I had in my games with two healers and her. Not even sure why she was under the support roster, apart the armor she provides and the minor healing.

Perhaps that’s the reason they pump up her healing and reduce her damage, to make a shift and make her feel as a support. We don’t know the numbers she will pull after the changes, yet.

I don’t think it’ll change her gameplay to anything more support like, she’ll still offer most value when she gets stuck into a brawl.

That’s why I suggest this change for more active gameplay so there’s a trade-off for less aggression.

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So it LOOKS like, she’s already getting some healing buffs here. So I anticipate even more shoves and pushes into the healing realm, with the reduction of her damage.

This post is quite old, but I feel it still has some merit that rings true.