Brig has a 4.49% pickrate & 58.26% winrate this week in GM

if you cant auto-win by picking her then she deserves buffs!


actually it generally takes 2-3 days for meta to settle in GM. GMs are smart dudes they figure out what works best fairly fast (and also talk with Contenders/OWL players etc.)


First time double shield isn’t meta after role queue released, this is an unprecedented situation.

Then play her

Thanks for the regular “Brig is fine” threads. Can’t have the devs getting any funny ideas.

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Actually if you look at the top ten highest winrates the only heroes who have solid pick rates is sig and rein.

They’ll probably nerf rein in a couple weeks. :disappointed::disappointed:

Yea, I don’t really understand the comments about her being weak. I’ve found her to be strong and useful in certain situations, just not all of them.


You mean the same Sym & Torb that have 1/4 of her pickrate combined? Case dismissed. Her 58% winrate with a close to 5% pickrate is significant.

Right, I can only imagine her pickrate goes up as the week goes on since “this week” stats are still majority based on the patch before Orisa/Sig/Bap/Hanzo nerfs

I love to.

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You mean in not most of them.

Brig is decent in 1 or 2 niche situations and honestly in most of those cases lucio is just as good if not better.

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I didn’t think it would be ok, but it seems to have turned out. I’ll play her myself nowadays. She is really fun and seems effective although the other team can negate you if they work at it (mostly by denying opportunities to proc inspire).

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My point is low pickrates inflate winrate numbers if you didn’t get my meaning for bringing up torb and sym.

I find it not to be about her being weak but more her having conflicting gameplay and abillties.

Imagine the balance of widow is to play her like soldier but her abillties and flow tell you to be a sniper.

I think that’s why people dont like her

Her balance tells you to play like mercy or ana but her abillties and weapons tell you to play like rein or zarya


That is my biggest issue with brig and I love brig.

Yes, 100%

I am just so surprised that the average person doesn’t get this.

Blizzard makes a melee hero that has to play far behind the front line. Like WT Actual F. But somehow people have just jumped in line to call it a win, cuz it works…sometimes.


Except this has been a trend across all ranks since her rework. :thinking:

Brig is just an inherently effective hero due to game/mode design.

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If they eliminate the need to proc inspire that would improve her kit immensely

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On the other hand, trying to mess with that is risky. Brig is effective in her current state and has a unique playstyle (even if it’s wierd given her kit and lore) and I’m not sure if sacrificing that to go back to old Brig would be good. Especially if we get a weak nerfed old Brig.

I think it’s weird cause years ago people demanded to make sym more defence/offence oriented because that’s what her entire kit encouraged but for brig they’re like “nah fam remove her teeth and make her do more healing who cares that goats already does too much healing”

I understand your point, it was included in my OP. My point is Brig does not have a low pickrate to inflate her winrate. She has a high pickrate and one of the highest winrates in the game.

Yep! Definitely very strong in the right hands, but also counterable (which is how it should be)

Her kit does not conflict with her gameplay. For some reason though, your interpretation of her balance/kit isn’t entirely uncommon, there seem to be a decent amount of people who feel the same way.

You’re playing her wrong if you’re playing her far behind the front line.

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