Brig gets 0.667 more hps


Consider this.It’s a stun.
So it doing damage is making it a damage ability.
Imagine if Ana’s sleep did 50 dmg.


the healing “compensation” she got is a joke.

What’s the “cooldown” part too? Was there a period before you could restart it before? I know it didn’t stack.


Yeah, that’s the 0.667 hps increase. 100 over 6 seconds instead of 80 over 5 seconds.


And she could still counter dive, since she could give 75 armor more often.


It would have been understandable if the damage was halved while the healing buff is there to compensate it, but gutting it to 5dmg? Thats just too far.

At best, if they want to nerf shield bash damage, at least make it 20dmg or so, not entirely gutted.


Imagine if Reinhardt’s charge was nerfed from 300 to 30.


And where exactly does it say she gives 75 armor more often ?


they’re talking about a buff they (TTraw) proposed of halving her healing and cooldown on armor pack of course it still isnt 75 armor more often since the conversion rate is 2 to 1


Reinhard charge?Just jump to the side to avoid it XD Don’t even compare those two.


The point was they nerfed the damage by 90%. I think it’s just a little excessive. McCree’s stun now will be doing 5x as much damage, and in an AoE.


I am talking about the change I proposed.

Edit: Briggitte converts 75 of healing to armor if she overheals. If we could cut CD and healing by half the armor would stay the same, but more often.


If they want Brig a more support hero start to buff the repair pack at 4 sec.


The buff is one extra second of healing and a slightly higher healing.

If one second seems that low, then why is it that you people complained soooooo much about a second increase in shield bash cooldown before? I mean it was a significant change back then, but now it’s mediocre at best?


Because this healing is applied constantly anyway, as long as briggitte swings her mace to the face.


This. All she’s getting is less than one more heal per second. Her bash cooldown has been nerfed by 40% since launch.


IIT: People who genuinely believe Brig’s healing is low under ideal circumstances.

She does the most healing in GOATS. There’s a reason she’s played as a third support, rather than in 2-2-2 setups. If you can cater to her strength of constant AoE healing, she does well.


Realize that all these changes are play tested first.

One second or 20 more healing may seem insignificant to you, sure. But numbers have a significant change on characters. Ana was basically saved from trash tier with 10 extra damage per shot.

Soldier back in season 2 was considered the garbage of garbage heroes. He was so useless, that picking him was considered to be throw picking. In season 3, they nerfed his recoil, and added 3 damage per shot. He became the best dps in the game after that.

So at least, wait for play testing before immediately considering a buff to be useless.


Yes, but your abstraction depreciates the buff:
Over the 5 seconds of inspire she had already, she gets a buff of 0.667 hps (16 -> 16.667). Additionally, on top of that she gets one additional second of inspire (with the same increased heal rate).

This should help Brig to heal when there’s not much combat going on


Ana can hit like, what, 3 times per second? The 10 dmg multiplies pretty quickly.

Like, yeah, I didn’t test it, but I can’t see the use of it. I can imagine it only being impactful if Brig dies, then team has 1 more sec of her healing, or when fight’s over, it will continuously add up to otherwise meaningless healing. I am sure her healing will be higher, but will it be impactful and worth the 45 dmg from combo?

Don’t get me wrong, I hate brig and her sucking-the-fun-out-of-me playstyle, but I don’t want to see her roll on F floor.


Situational. Like IF she has a ball of protection around her and IF she can maintain pokes to keep inspire up it’s alright. But now shields are going to get in the way and if caught against a decent DPS dive she’s gonna melt and die. Frontline brigitte is going away. While this may be good for people who hate her, it limits options for people who used to like her.

Ideal circumstances: Situational.

The majority of the playerbase resides in plat and down. Most of us aren’t really gonna be able to enjoy those ideal circumstances.