Brand new PC build, constant crashing

At first it was Windows blue screens, but after running some Nvidia driver stuff, at least it’s now only game crashes.

This is the latest error code:


Really hoping for some help here because I’ve started getting messages that if I keep leaving competitive games I’ll face trouble.

I know it’s not my internet. My old PC played just fine with 0 disconnections and 0 crashes for the first 600 hours of Overwatch gameplay. Now that I have a new PC I’ve had ~7 crashes this week.

Edit: two more crashes in my last game. Can’t play comp until this is fixed =/


Are you using a Razer Chroma? These have been known to cause crashes unless you use the beta drivers. Did you try any of the troubleshooting steps in the stickies?

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Omg yes I am! Wow.

I am at work now so I can’t do anything for another 8 hours but tonight I’ll swap the keyboard out. I won’t even bother with the beta SDK because the keyboard kind of sucks anyway.

Thank you so much.

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