BP credits are a total scam

They are intentionally made to look like OW 2 Credits just to mislead players


Except for the fact that they aren’t.

ppl are confusing them with OW 2 credits, thats the problem

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People who can’t read and failed geometry class. The only similarity is the color. The shape is different and they specifically clarified that they were credits in the patch notes. The credits are circular while the coins are hexagonal. They made it very clear in the patch notes that they were not coins.

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Blizzard said they would put legacy credits back into the game. Nothing about OW2 credits


… I mean when you spend money on something you should probably look at what it is.


Credits are the old currency, Coins are the new currency. They also look different too if you’d just take a second to compare the two. They also stated that the old currency would be returning in the BP, not the new currency. Reading comprehension is important.

So if I get 2,000 I can buy skins that cost 1500 in the hero gallery right? Not the shop but the gallery?

I know that they released the statement, Im saying that A LOT of people are confused by that. It is so convenient for blizzard to release old credits to look like new ow 2 credits lol


Probably. I really don’t think painting them yellow on the battlepass was coincidence (on top of already looking and sounding way too similar)


That’s what Im saying, it is intentional


Ya, no this is on the players. Like, literally not defending Blizz, because I don’t really like them, but this is pretty simple.

yep, it’s by design - new players pick the game up, see cool stuff in the store and assume coins are coins. Multiple types of currency within a game exist for the sole purpose of confusing the customer so that it’s easier to separate them from their real world dollars. This is fact.


Yeah, intentional scam, classic blizzard


I agree that people are mistaking them for coins, but I don’t think it was intentional on Bliz’s part.

They probably could have made the difference between coins and credits more clear, but that’s more negligence than intentionally misleading us.

I think a scam requires intent.

It is and it isn’t. They may have made it clear but at the same time we just assumed we were getting coins the way they spoke about it made it seem like we were gonna get the option for at least one legendary per season. Then they hard limited us and said you get a choice from a select market of what we think is useless to us. But the things that you really want we know you want it so pay for it. It’s pore business practice it’s manipulative and even if they were semi clear about it. The players still have a bad taste in their mouth from it. Especially long time players.

Nah bro, it seems and feels intentional


And that’s on… say it with me now.

Failing at your job or intentionally manipulating your players, either way it’s not a good look.


I mean, if players don’t want to take responsibility for ordering a beyond meat burger and finding out it’s not meat I guess that’s…