Boycotting Blizzard?

So I have not been on this site for about a month now, can someone explain to me what this whole thing of boycotting the game (or Blizzcon, I’m getting mixed messages) is about and what those people expect to happen by doing it.

Please And Thank You

Do a Google search…

Ahh, is that your answer for all your other 2738 posts?


You’ll find most of it here.

Have fun.

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Thread is literally right in plain sight:


Super short version?

Blizz game player makes political comment during their event…blizz punishes (as they said they would beforehand)…blizz “doesn’t care about Hong Kong” now…outrage


It’s not that Blizz doesn’t care about Hong Kong it’s that Blizzard is kowtowing to a repressive foreign government -China. Blizzard is basically a bunch of cowards.


I can’t believe blizzard doesn’t care about human rights.

Give me a second tho, I have to go buy some shoes from wal-mart that were made by teenagers in vietnam making a couple of bucks a day.


People need shoes. People do not need video games.

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So slave labor is only ok if they are producing things americans “need”?
People don’t “need” shoes by the way, tribes in africa don’t wear shoes.


Yea… a majority of these people complaining about human rights probably never gave a damn about human rights beforehand.


The forums are literally spammed with information about it and it’s all over the news.

My response shouldn’t have offended you. Just literally take 2 minutes to look and you will find loads of info.

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Really? Which “tribes in Africa” don’t wear shoes? Enlighten us.

These african girls seem to be doing fine without shoes.

Also, I’m back from shoe shopping. I went to big 5 instead of wal mart, and got some sick nikes. Unfortunately they were still made in vietnam.

While I was out I thought of a good/funny post to make:

Shoes made in china (by a person making 80 cents an hour): $30
A t-shirt made in mexico (by a person making 66 cents an hour): $6
A chair made in india (by a person making 27 cents an hour): $35

Thinking that you care more about human rights than your fellow americans (when half of the things you own were made by slave and child labor), because you quit playing a video game:
Priceless and hilarious.


Ok? Enact change where you can. You have to pick your battles.

So essentially you’re saying that anybody who cannot address every single injustice in the world, in every single limited forum post might as well just stay silent.

That’s not a realistic expectation. I recommend you look up: Whataboutism, to see why your logic is flawed.


No, just pointing out the hypocrisy of posters who “care” so much about human rights, and are putting down other people over it.

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You do realise most of their playerbase is people in China right? And losing that would be a pretty much death sentence to Blizzard.

Also think about all the layoffs for people in China that work for Blizzard as well.

They really had no choice in the matter.

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“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

You have to start somewhere and maybe this is their start, not really up to you to decide that but seeing you are a person that likes to try and make negatives out of positive actions you clearly have your own issues to deal with.


I feel like people are over blowing this just to boost their own agenda’s[views etc]

if i may give my two cents on the matter.

I see theres two sides to the coin and please correct me if i am missing something.

On one side of the coin, you have this kid who thought his political agenda should be known while being interviewed as a champion of hearthstone, [ not saying he is wrong or right, just analyzing]

On the other side of the coin, you have a company that relies on countries like china to support its business.

Now, the kid in question must have had to sign a waiver or something before participating agreeing to blizzards terms and conditions.

In these terms and conditions, there was a statement that stated all competitors must keep their political agenda’s to themselves[or something like that, I don’t remember their legal wordings]

and said kid who signed this agreement went ahead and broke the agreement, so now because blizzard punished him, they suddenly don’t care about human rights?

do I have this all correct?

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