Bots in competive? Or what was that?

The whole enemy team just stayed afk and made some random moves during all match. Here is replay RHT55P.
What was that?


Deranking bots for 3rd party sale.

There’s an option in the replay viewer where you can report the replay.

I’ll also report.


Your report doesn’t do anything because you were never in the match with or against the perpetrator.

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You might be right.

But I might be right as well….

  • The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

Unless you intend to work for Blizzard, the most we can do is report the behavior and hope they take action.

Hey WyomingMyst, you once asked people to tag you whenever replays were provided for Bot accounts in-game as you’re collecting data to present to Blizz.

Not sure if you’re still conducting that process but here is another replay. There’s been at least 2 or 3 of these types of posts in the past 3 weeks.

So…. you’re on notice homie :joy::kissing_heart:


You’re foolish if you believe Blizzard doesn’t know what goes on in their games lol. Multi-billion dollar company has no idea that people are using software to throw or to win matches? They don’t know that people use their LFG tool to form derank groups, smurfing groups, sell accounts, etc?

Their business model counts on these things.

I don’t really care.

I’ll still choose to do the right thing even if you won’t.

And at the end of the day, I’ve done my part.

And you have not

GG Go Next


You don’t get it. If the company you’re reporting these people to doesn’t care to take action on it, what exactly are you accomplishing? That’s the equivalent of clicking “Like” on a post and believing you just did your civic duty and cured cancer or something. Absolutely pointless without Blizzard taking responsibility for the integrity of its own TOS.

Good people doing the right thing is firing the bad devs and performing a reset on the ladder ranks. The accounts you see (violating) are just the tip of the iceberg on what is, and has already gotten, through the cracks.

Doing your part would be coming up with solutions, boycotting this game, and cancelling the company tbh.

Hi Reciepts.

And here I was “almost” missing you.

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It’s not actually the developers that are responsible for policing rules violations, that would be “player support” or “community managers” or whatever they’re calling them, but some sort of game admin type role. Most of them were fired though, or at least it would be a reasonable guess that they were since Blizzard had a bunch of layoffs but those layoffs didn’t include developers. They probably didn’t fire hundreds of janitors and accountants… but hundreds of player support staff? No problem, just stop actually processing appeals and just send out form letters saying the algorithm was right and the decision is final. (The firings may also have included artists… we haven’t been getting comics and animated shorts like we used to. Or the artists might just be working on OW2 content. Hard to say).

Some sort of software developer of course is responsible for any detection algorithms they might have, but how many developers spend how much time on such systems is a management decision. (The answer here is almost certainly ‘very few people, very little time… need all hands on OW2!’).

As for a ladder reset, players that have thrown once would just throw again, and throwers that have boosted once would just boost again. Solve throwing/boosting and misplaced accounts will get back to where they belong if they continue playing, with or without a reset. Don’t solve it, and a reset doesn’t matter.


The reporting system is automated so it 100% does do something. It counts towards the number of reports required for an automatic suspension.


It is 1 person in 6 windows sitting there and fighting vs afk timer from time to time. Also there are multiple purposes to derank : smurfing, selling, boosting with these accounts. Bots are supperior way to derank, but not affordable for every deranker. Btw reports will not help that much, since these accounts will be just gradually suspended for 24-48h-3 days,four… and like that for month, meanwhile he will do the job with his next 6 stack of accounts. I don’t care that much when I see 6 man derank, but when someone blatantly throwing playing with rest of his team trying - that is sad.

You make a good point, and have convinced me it’s not literally the “software devs”. Some-one or some-thing needs to take the blame though. I can settle passing the buck to their wacky automated systems and total lack of support/maintenance on their platform.

The boys at blizz got you handled for that one