Boo hoo coorperate make money

nearly every single company on the face of earth is for making money while providing a product and often at very unfair prices it’s like you guys are just coming to terms with the fact that life isn’t fair and it WILL be unfair. like your job? you work hard for the money you make? BOOM taxes. wanna buy good furniture? BOOM 100$ for something that you can probably make at home. want new shoes? BOOM 40-300$ (depends on what you’re going to wear) for something that costs less than 7$ to make. why do they do this? because they need to make a profit and people are willing to pay for that amount you might not be their model customer but other people will be.

the game is also free and the main focus of a game is for you to play it not collect skins… that’s not me shilling for a game but telling you that it’s LITERALLY FREE YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY THE BP. half of you guys aren’t even dedicated enough to where you actually grind comp and reach a some what decent rank most of you guys are silver border 4 stars at plat with like 3 hours played MAX per season.

i’m not a shill i’m just some what sane and act like my age rather than my shoe size and i have control over my wants while you guys pop a hemorrhoid thinking about having the CHOICE to buy something.







you purple lip stick pfp if you say something you’re wrong automatically


Notice how every shill has like 10 posts and you’ve never seen them here before.


you want my previous acc? it’s miketyson#11709

Didn’t take the time to read, but don’t you have anything better to do other than defending other people’s business?


What was the reason of the ban :sweat_smile: ?

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I honestly don’t consider them shills if they’re just obvious trolls.

I actually apologize for triptrapping over their bridges just to hear the noises they make though.

I’m not much better but at least I try to contribute positively as well in other places.


we don’t talk about that

Orange forum man bad.


Another alt account I see cuz of the PermaBan fanatics

True :smiley: ! 20 char required

bro you’re level 96 on the game while having 1945 posts on the forum

Didn’t even read such before posting……

After 6 years on OF it’s become blatantly obvious that hundreds of players have been Perma Banned over extreme frivolous nonsense

— GG bwizzard

i got like 7 other acc’s as well. i enjoy the game so i give them money it’s that simple. it’s the same as me buying new basketball shoes after using one cause i enjoy playing it i mean YEAH the shoes are 20 times what they actually cost to make but the enjoyment i get out of the product is enough to keep me happy.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that everyone who claims that “ever single company on the face of earth is for making money” has no idea wtf they’re talking about, and should either actually learn about business or shut up.


That’s against ToS. Naughty language…
smh @BlizzClowns

Huh? bend over and bow thankfully =]

you took like 10 mins to say something stupid. i mean yeah not EVERY company is made to make money but most of the companies that sell a product such as games are there to make money whilst providing a product

I’m interested in knowing how much will the 7 postpaid phone numbers will cost you after the October 4th update.

Is enjoying a game worth 7 postpaid phone numbers ? What are your limits to enjoying a game ?