Bonus Log-In Rewards through December 1

It’s not 11:00 AM PST yet.

Here is this start time for Kiriko Highlight Intro adjusted to your timezone:
Sunday, November 27, 2022 7:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time

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  • Log in from November 27 11:00 am PST to December 2 11:00 am PST and get the Kiriko “On The Wind” Highlight Intro
    Same here, did get it yet

Used to all these delays.

Yeah, you were still an hour early when you made this reply.

Give us skins or/and coins instead!


to get more "active " players ofc


so they dont have to give us the 70 skins and 450 tokens obviously

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30 november, its clear. unlucku. no more rewards. gg support diff


Just checking in after a few weeks of not playing or visiting the forums, and I’m met with a desperate plea to get people to log into the game. Like, not even play. Just log in.


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They said the next week will arrive the rewards, and shortly after, the tokens. Let’s hope!

they said the same a month ago i believe it when i see it


sooooo how do weeks work in usa? cuz where im from its a new week today and i still have nothing

They work just like everywhere else. The only thing that doesn’t work is Blizzard.

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few hours ago i got all of my rewards ( without the tokens, i understand are given next weeks). all of them except the rewards from the grand finals. no kiriko or junker queen skins. happened the same to anybody?

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almost …got 100 tokens and all skins except soujorn … guess waiting another 2 months…

All received at last!
Except the Sojourn skin (we know it arrives in season 2).

But if loot boxes were free, as in only earned by grinding, then it wouldn’t run afoul of any of those laws. Then you have the Battle Pass, which has new exclusives, that would be paid for but that the progression and earnings would be laid out plainly.

Then after maybe a year or so, the exclusive Battle Pass stuff would become available in the free loot boxes (maybe other than the mythic stuff which might remain BP exclusive) – if you want the goodies when they come out, pay for BP, if you don’t mind the wait, sooner or later it’ll probably show up in a free loot box, but who knows when that might be.

The problem here is that it’s an addendum away from being included in those laws. It’s easier to just outright get rid of them. Having loot boxes, a battle pass, and event challenges, all awarding different cosmetics, it could be overwhelming for new players, especially when we’re already navigating 4 currencies, 2 of which can be purchased.

Arguments could be made that the nature of loot boxes and randomized content, regardless of cost, could be seen as a gambling mechanism. If someone vulnerable to gambling addiction didn’t get what they want from the last grind session, they could be compelled to continue grinding away, possibly negatively impacting their livelihood.

They already have a system in place within the shop to feature old items at discounted prices, so we’ll probably see season 1 or event cosmetics like Kiriko’s ‘Witch’ skin on sale for 1500 coins next Halloween. Why would they give it away for free and drastically devalue the $20 skin, making players feel worse for first purchasing it, when they could sell it for $15 and sell it to people who were originally on the fence at $20.

I’m not disagreeing that the current system sucks, but they only care about making money through proven methods from other F2P games. That was made evident by them adding enough cosmetics that are projected to cost $1500/year with premium passes that will cost $58/year, while only allowing you to earn $31.20/year in game.

Yeah but I’m not buying a skin for $20, and I’m not gonna buy it for $15 either.

They need to unf*** their currencies. Just tokens and OWL points. Take the freebies out of the battle pass progression system, and just make them part of the loot box system.

That way it’s paid stuff in battle pass, laid out and orderly, and freebies randomized in loot boxes, no money necessary.