Bonus Log-In Rewards through December 1

This is today, right? Am I crazy or should this be active right now? I don’t have this highlight intro unlocked, but I think it should be available now. Right?

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OK, it is November 21st, at 5:05 PM. I don’t have the 2nd one? Still shows up as locked


same, looks like they messed this up too LOL

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You’re not alone. It’s not working for a lot of people, it seems.

So I looked again.

Turns out, all of the skins I got as part of the “Origins Edition” of OW1 are now locked for me.

Thanks Blizz.

This is cool and all but where is everyone’s OWL rewards? We have been waiting for weeks now :confused:

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Update November 21: We apologize for an error in the dates that we had initially posted. The next two log-in rewards will launch one day later than previously listed and we have updated our times above.


i still got mine tho

Where are the owl rewards!!!


i ate them sry burp

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blizzard keep messing up free rewards to boost player count challenge (ultra novice kindergarten difficulty)


Where my OWL drops your taking forever


is there a mathematical formula to calculate or derive what a “day” equates to in Blizzard world?

it clearly isn’t the conventional 24 hour day that we’ve been accustomed to for 1000 years of civilization

other terms that have alternative definitions in Activision Blizzard world: “significant progress”, “rolling out”


We gotta wait until the omnic crisis, sorry

they wont respond again. you only get crumbs. back to counting their $$$

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good! i love these event!

Don’t care. I tried today, and you guys couldn’t even do something that simple without screwing up. Not boosting your player count any more over some lousy highlight intros. I’m back to not playing most days, you guys don’t deserve a playerbase at all.

This company can’t do anything correctly anymore. Literally not a single thing.


Why it posted here and not on Overwatch 2 — Blizzard News?

Basically if you’re in +0 timezone you will get it at 7PM and if you are in +1 timezone you will get it at 8PM

I don’t know the exact translation but Zarya nerfed in Total Mayhem some time in October = Zarya Nerfed in Total Mayhem mid November,
OWL tokens and rewards will drop before November 15th = OWL rewards will drop before season 2 starts (maybe)
The only constant is every 2 weeks there WILL be more cosmetics added to the game to be sold for 20 dollars each, everything else is in some quantum state where it might or might not actually be delivered depending on whether you’re a blizzard PR person or a player