BLUE - Please explain why there is no option to reconnect

This is pissing me off.

Why can’t you reconnect when disconnected from a competitive overwatch game?

This is the scenario: I’m 10/11, climbing, playing in a game, with a team I’ve stayed with for 5 games. My internet drops for <30 seconds, reconnects, I go back to overwatch, and it says I’m suspended, with no option to reconnect. This is literally, not exaggerating, less than one minute from the time of disconnect. So because of this momentary disconnection, I lose SR, and get timed out from joining competitive? Why isn’t there a threshold?

Why is this a question that needs to be asked - Are developers not keen enough to see this is an issue. Every other competitive fps game offers a timer (for the most part) but for some reason, it’s missing in this scenario?

If this isn’t how it’s designed, where can I find the crash logs, and who can I send them to for feedback?

Let’s get this fixed once and for all. Check your boards, this is an issue.


And if you don’t? Should the other 11 wait in the hopes you do? Plus how big of a trolling tool would that be to hold the other 11 hostage hoping you return? Does the game progress in your proposal? If it does it would disincentivize returning as you could lose anyway from that stark advantage awarded the other team.

Wholly against this change.

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I dont think you read anything I said, or maybe you just dont understand.

Thats why there needs to be a threshold, let’s say, 3 minutes before you abandon the game, the same way CSGO offers it. If you think a quick disconnect, and reconnected in less than a minute is something that doesn’t need to be changed, there’s no conversing with you. This isn’t something that is very subjective. Most people that play competitive would agree.

Nothing you just replied with makes any sense, because it’s assuming we live in in fantasy land where I said there shouldn’t be any restrictions on rejoining an active game. If you’re confused about where I said that, it’s here: " Why isn’t there a threshold?" This is very different from “WHY CANT I JUST RECONNECT IF I FEEL LIKE IT 15 MINUTES INTO THE GAME”

EDIT: Now that I’ve checked your recent posts, I can see that you’re a contrarian, and all of your replies follow the same format which is [sarcasm] “um you what?” followed by multiple questions that only exist in the scenario you’ve come up with in your head.

Moving on.

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Did you read? “Why should eleven others wait for you in the hopes you return? What if you don’t?”

The rest just stemmed from there. Why should one user hold eleven others hostage as they wait on that one user? I don’t have an answer; do you?

Where did I say that 11 people should wait for a disconnect to reconnect? Again, this is something you inferred, based on nothing I said.

The game would progress, and if you can reconnect within a few minutes, the game just keeps going. You know, like any other game does.

No, I don’t have an answer for YOUR scenario. Its your scenario, I’ll leave you to ponder that one.

So 11 others should play 5v6 to mess with matchmaker rather than discard a bad game? That’s even WORSE! I made that assumption as a thrown bone for this suggestion. Would you wanna be one of those 5?

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Oh man, this is like talking to a brick wall. Let me back it up a little.

The way overwatch works is like this in competitive:

  1. You join a game

  2. Your team has 6

If someone disconnects, the norm is that they can re-open Overwatch and click on reconnect, literally exactly as I’ve proposed. READ: This feature already exists.

Again, this feature you’re wholly against, and hold such a strong opinion on. A.l.r.e.a.d.y. e.x.i.s.t.s.

Excellent, now that’s out of the way.

MY scenario is this:

  1. join a team
  2. team has 6
  3. my internet disconnects momentarily, causing a disconnect from the game.
  4. upon reconnecting 40 seconds later, I’m banned for 10 minutes from competitive, and there is no rejoin button.

Get it? So the way it’s supposed to work, isn’t working. This is called one of two things.

  1. Bug, which is why I asked where I could send the crash logs to, if it would be helpful.

  2. A feature change, or something intentional that occurs when you lose connection to the client (and not just Overwatch)

There we go. We should all be on the same page now. Feel free to submit your feedback about actually being able to reconnect (which happens all the time in competitive; Surprised you’ve never seen or heard of it) to blizzard directly at: Blizzard Support - Overwatch 2 Suggestions and Feedback

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But… you haven’t answered either point which is why I’m against it. Why should ELEVEN other people wait for you in the hopes you return? While you’re not there one team gets an unfair advantage. You may never return. Why keep bad data from this failed match that no one has significant investment in yet when it can trash it, regroup 11/12s and get them in a new, fair game? It’s better for everyone. If you lost connection (which I have before) then it’s on you so only you should get punished for it not the other 11. There’s a reason they draw a line at one minute; the devs decided at that point the game has really run and discarding it would be unfair to all involved particularly the winning team. How is this not clear, you equally-brickwall-like person?

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Nothing you said is accurate, you’re in la-la land.

This is pointless. Enjoy your difficult life.

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It’s entirely accurate… what is invalid? Surprisingly enough you’ve dismissed me twice but answered neither question once.

You want 11 others to suffer for you; I don’t. We fundamentally disagree here but that doesn’t make me wrong lol.

Keep parroting your psycho babble make believe, I’m done here.

Okay then. Notice how I refuted your side yet you’ve resorted to dismissive name-calling? It kinda shows the merits of each side. Later!

Rejoining a game without penalty is only possible during certain phases of the game and within a timely manner. If you leave a game either during the pre-game or during the first minute of the game, the game will automatically cancel (remember the 10 second rule does not apply to the leaver, but as a warning to other players that the match will cancel). You can rejoin the match during the initial hero selection screen if you are lucky enough to quickly reconnect though.

Otherwise, you can only rejoin any-time after one-minute of match time has passed up until the match completes. However you only have two minutes to do so without penalty. If you rejoin a match after two-minutes, you will still automatically be marked with a loss an be penalized with a -50 SR cut and a ten-minute suspension. This rule ensures that no one can abusive the leaver system by attempting to return to a match after deliberately leaving in order to avoid such penalties. Furthermore leaving three or more times in a single match will result in an automatic penalty. If you fail to return to a match by the time it ends normally (regardless of match result) you will be penalized.

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:


As WyomingMyst wrote, if you got disconnected after the first minute of play and what you wrote is true then you should have been able to reconnect. This is because there is a threshold of two minutes.

If you got diconnected within the first minute and the game got cancelled, then you obviously can’t reconnect because the game doesn’t exist any more. This is a very good feature for the reasons MsSysbit outlined. The other 11 players should not have to waste thier time - you may not be able to reconnect at all (say, a power outage) - so why should they be forced to wait?


The system in place for leavers is far from good. It’s borderline terrible.

However, OP’s complaints are unwarranted. It sounds like it was an early leave which = a scrapped game(Which I actually agree is a good thing). This whole threads problem is due to a slight misunderstanding from the first reply.

Now, if you were complaining that you got kicked mid game, rejoined, helped your team win, and still got a loss…I would fight up and down the streets for you.

The thing, why its not working i think is because someone can join your game while you are disconnected. This is little stupid, because player who join your game, can join the game in the last seconds a can achieve an instant defeat, or instant victory.

And this isnt very good, because its not fair. The best solution is to replace disonnected player with some type of bot. But not so accurate as B.O.B, and this would could end the problem.

When player reconnectsc competitive play, he just replace bot and continue playing. This could work as in HoTS, you could navigate the bot by commands such as “I need healing” or “group up” and bot will do as player ask.

It doesnt make any sense, if you leave game or you lost connection you can go back if game is still on. Game probably just ended or all others left and game ended too.

There is no backfill in Competitive. If you leave your team plays with less players.

If you got disconnected near the end of a match then it might have finished before you could rejoin.

i thought it is possible to backfill in competitive, because i read about it on the other post. I dont know if you were playing Heroes of The Storm, but it is very well done.

If you leave a game, not just competitive game, but also a quickmatch, you get a penalty, that you cant play competitive games (ranked and unranked games ) and you can play only brawl and quickplay.

The penalty consists of temporary ban on competitive play. To remove the ban you have to play a certain number of games in quickplay or brawl. And in overwatch, i would like to see it too. For example, if you leave a competive play once, you could get maybe 2 or 3 games to remove penalty.

And if player caontinue leaving the amount of games will increase . I think it is better this way, because if someone leave a competitive game not on purpose is not the same as a rage quit.

And for that bot I mentioned before, it could be as in Heroes of The Storm. If you leave a game (ranked, unranked, quickplaye, brawl games) game will take control of your character your were playing and continue as an NPC. He can do whatever you, but its only a NPC, so its not so good player. And this can also be solved. The NPC can be stronger in each competive rank, or some othe category (time played of character, or actual level).